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You folks need to start painting 15mm Miniatures and you will start talking about how large these are.


Well, I got in for this one. Showed my wife a picture of them last week and she claimed them before I'd even decided to pledge. Apparently I will be painting them as the nemeses to her Kingdom of Mous

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59 minutes ago, OneBoot said:



Which is actually making me hesitant to back (even though I WAAAANTS the Rogue kitteh). I've backed more than one KS that became a victim of its own success, and it's made me a bit iffy about wildly successful KS handled by an individual or very small company. I've hit 'Remind me' for now while I consider. The fact that they are not doing stretch goals is a very promising sign though! 



--OneBoot :D 

I wouldn't worry. Dungeons and doggos did $400k+ and was great. Keeping it uncomplicated makes it easier on them.

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Yeah, I'm backed. I'm already trying to figure out which mini would be the best match for each of my beloved fur babies... I didn't even know about the Doggies one until it was already fulfilling, which is a shame, became my wife loves dogs (I'm not much of a fan, myself, though) and I'd have loved to have gotten them for her. Looks like the doggos are already available in retail, but they're in 2 sets for about $25 each from what I'm seeing...

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21 hours ago, OneBoot said:



Which is actually making me hesitant to back (even though I WAAAANTS the Rogue kitteh). I've backed more than one KS that became a victim of its own success, and it's made me a bit iffy about wildly successful KS handled by an individual or very small company. I've hit 'Remind me' for now while I consider. The fact that they are not doing stretch goals is a very promising sign though! 



--OneBoot :D 


The dogs had a similar wild success and delivered early, again no stretch goals and with all of the 3D work done no danger of missing a pre-booked slot at the factory

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On 4/17/2019 at 10:31 AM, OneBoot said:



Which is actually making me hesitant to back (even though I WAAAANTS the Rogue kitteh). I've backed more than one KS that became a victim of its own success, and it's made me a bit iffy about wildly successful KS handled by an individual or very small company. I've hit 'Remind me' for now while I consider. The fact that they are not doing stretch goals is a very promising sign though! 



--OneBoot :D 

What @Orlando_the_Technicoloured said! My wife and I both backed the Doggies KS (independently, without each others knowledge. ::P: ) and it is the FIRST KS I've backed that delivered early.

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Hey Everyone!

Russ here with a new communi-cat-ion. There may not be one of these every day but I wanted to update you all on some developments and also share some of the world lore for Cats too…

A Tale of Tails

Several commenters have noticed that Sonja didn’t look very fluffy for a Maine Coon, especially her tail…after reviewing her, I decided that I agreed with this! So I have spent time today reworking some of her details to make her bigger, floofier and more imposing as a mini. I think the new version does her justice!


875679d601e8a5dd7519d8bc319c2e31_original.png?ixlib=rb-1.1.0&w=700&fit=max&v=1555599670&auto=format&gif-q=50&lossless=true&s=4ddfca50010fa6071bf592a97b9903fd Isn't she lovely?

I hope you’ll agree that she is looking more impressive than her original incarnation- we want all our kitties to look their best, after all!

The Welcoming Dark

The rules companion for Cats will introduce the concept of the Welcoming Dark, a special place for Cats. This excerpt reveals some of the nature of this strange demiplane and its effects on feline adventurers…soon we will reveal how this also influences some of the adventuring paths cats may choose…

98b37633f9cdf5e7b37cf8faee950f55_original.png?ixlib=rb-1.1.0&w=700&fit=max&v=1555599702&auto=format&gif-q=50&lossless=true&s=7b6a7d313dbe982919d64459cdcb0362 The Mark of Twilight, used by cats in reference to the Welcoming Dark

Cats, although they welcome contact with others, have a low threshold for the noise and chaos of other beings and require time alone to recharge. This need is served by frequent visits to the Welcoming Dark. Brought into being by the collective will and power of feline kind, this is a place cat go to replenish themselves when they sleep. It is a collective space that all cats can access. 

A place of quiet whispers, padding feet and swishing tails in the almost silence, the Welcoming Dark is where they can be their true selves and recover from the demands of the world. All cats instinctively know of this place, but only Awakened cats consciously draw upon its power. To do so brings them serenity, energy and solace. Some have delved deeper into its shadowed paths and found new, strange ways to use its power…


That's all for today! Keep sharing your ideas and suggestions and tell everyone you know about our Kitty Committee! It's nearly the weekend  but between some much-needed catnaps I will be around the comments!  

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Communi-cat 04: 6000 backers and Sonya's Story!

Posted by Russ Charles (Creator)

Hey Everyone! 


Russ here once again with another look into the work going on behind the scenes for Cats and Catacombs!

Firstly, we now have over 6000 people in our Kitty Committee and that is amazing! Once more, on behalf of everyone working on the project, I thank each ad every one of you for helping us write the next chapter in the story of Animal Adventures. 

Next week I will be sharing some exciting news about the artists that are joining us on this project. Thanks to April's efforts, we really outstanding art incoming and I can't wait to talk about it a little more!

Today however, I thought it would be fun to share one of the stories that will appear in the Rules Companion for Cats and Catacombs. And, seeing as we spotlighted changes to her miniatures earlier this week, it felt only natural to take a look at Sonya's story. 

I hope you enjoy this little slice of adventuring life and that it whets your appetites for the other great tales that will appear in the Companion...

Sonya's Tale

"What will you spend yours on Sonya?” 

The skinny half elf with a straggly blond beard loitered by the crossroads, relieving himself into a bush. The rest of the party, two dwarves with heavy axes, a halfling in leather armour and daggers, and a silent, hulking figure in rough furs and a sword waited a little further on the road to the city. All of their bags were weighed down with gold, the reward for clearing out a nest of gnolls in the mountains. 

As usual, they were returning to their base in the city to invest in their latest venture - a tavern called the Raider's Rest. 

“Catnip and Toms!” One of the dwarves shouted, to general laughter. Sonya pretended to be offended, then ran up to the dwarf, jumped, twisted in mind-air, and landed all four heavy paws on his stomach, knocking the air out of him.

“I know what you should spend yours on,” she called, landing nimbly on her feet.  “A diet!” More laughter. 

The group, easy in each other’s company from long hours in battle, and buoyed up from their recent successful adventure, continued on their way. 

Early the next morning, in the dawn’s faint light, no-one noticed Sonya slipping away from the Inn out of a back window. Stripped of her heavy fighter’s armour, and without her weapons, Sonya looked just like a normal cat - apart from a small pouch fastened to one shoulder. She was large, being a Maine Coon, but her lithe form slipped easily in and out of alleyways and over walls until she reached her destination. 

The cottage with the well-tended back garden was obviously poor, but neatly kept, with flowery curtains, and a little rocking chair on the back porch. Sonya was aware of other cats gathering, although they all kept their distance from her. Sonya was used to this - unawakened cats could sense her difference, had done so since she could remember. She was used to it and paid them no mind. 

There was movement inside the cottage, and the cats sat up, more alert, some purring in anticipation. Despite herself, Sonya felt the stirrings of old feelings, the memories of a first home and hearth. 

The back door of the cottage opened, revealing the diminutive form of an elderly human woman, her grey hair pulled back into a tight bun, an old, faded housecoat drawn over her woollen dress. 

“Puss-puss-puss,” she called, shaking a bucket, “Puss-puss-puss.” 

As one, the cats, nearly a dozen, scrawny, with ragged ears from lives lived on the street, jumped down and began circling her legs, mewling and crying. 

The old lady chuckled and began handing out fish heads, throwing them to the more hesitant cats who dared not approach too closely. The mewling turned to purrs, as each cat set about their breakfast. Sonya stayed in the shadows. She did not need this lady’s kindness for herself - not now. 

Sonya waited until the old lady returned inside, and jumped carefully down from the wall. She retrieved the small but heavy pouch from her shoulder, biting the knot to free it. She tucked it into a corner of the door, then, her duty done, she headed quickly away.

She found the tumble of kittens in the old barrel at the end of the garden. They lifted their heads at her approach and mewed in recognition. She saw that their bedding had been freshly changed, and that water and food had been left for them. They were weaned, almost old enough to leave here, but still reliant on the kindness of the elderly woman. She gave a silent prayer of thanks, and turned to go, but something stopped her. 

She turned back, and met the eyes of one kitten, hiding at the back of the barrel. His gaze was steady and knowing. Sonya’s breath caught in her throat. She hadn’t dared to hope that one of her litter would be like her. Slowly she approached the stout, but tiny form. 

“What is your name?” She breathed quietly, still not quite believing. The kitten regarded her coolly.

“Dale.” He mewed, in a high, quavering voice. “My name is Dale. Mother.”

Joy surged through Sonya, tempered with emotions she couldn’t quite name. Steadily, she returned the serious gaze, giving respect where it was requested. 

“Good.” She replied. “Dale. I greet you.” She nodded and turned to leave.

“Wait.” The kitten betrayed his first doubt. “I...I want to go with you.”

Sonya turned back to him. “My life is hard and dangerous.” She paused, “But I will return when the moon is full. Then show me what you have learned.”

The young cat nodded, accepting. Sonya paused a moment longer. “Look for me in the Welcoming Dark.” She said, “I will be there for you.”

Then she left. 

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Hey Folks!

We’re into the final days of the campaign and at over 1000x funded we’re, quite simply, gobsmacked at the support you’ve shown! Every retweet, share, comment and like has meant the world to me and the team.

Kate has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the kittie’s backstories and thought it would be nice to give them to you to get your creative juices flowing. If you’ve got any ideas for your cat’s backstory then put them in the comment section and we’ll have a read through!

Right, enough from me. Hope you enjoy the story!



The room was full of books, spilling out of the bookshelves onto the simple wooden tables and chairs, even in one or two cases onto the tiled floor. It lent the room an air of chaos, but looking more closely, it was clear that each of these books related to the others in the stacks or shelves, and each and every one of them was spotlessly clean, free of dust, and, aside from a little wear and tear on the older tomes, pristine. 

Hesta could have put her claw onto any book she wished to in an instant. She knew the location of each and every one of her treasured volumes, every spell component, the levels of ink in each well, and exactly how many quills she had, and in what state of sharpness each of them was. 

It was irritating therefore, that Maven kept stealing things. 

The raven stood before her now, in a huff, the offending item lying accusingly between them. The bird shifted slightly in what passed for the Corvid version of guilt. 

“Look at me, Maven.” Hesta tried again. 

The bird met her gaze for just an instant, then looked away again. It’s clawed foot moved ever so slightly towards the coin, then curled and moved away again. 

“I know you like it, Dearest, but it’s an important part of the spell, and I need it.” Hesta reached out with an ethereal hand, picked up the coin, and inspected it once again, ensuring that it was not scratched or dented after its adventure in the raven’s secret stash. The ritual spell, which was to be enacted that evening, would use the coin to ascertain the whereabouts of the evil Goblin King’s Castle. The adventuring party of which she was an occasional member had tracked his minions to a cave and had liberated this coin, one of the Goblin King’s prize possessions, from their corpses. 

“Once we’ve done the spell and the Goblin King is dead and burned, you can have it forever.” Hesta offered, her soft heart breaking for the raven’s obvious distress. She reached out her paw, and with one claw extended, scritched the raven exactly where he liked it the most, just at the back of his head. His claws uncurled, and his shoulders unhunched. He began purring in pleasure, the coin temporarily forgotten. 

That evening, after hours of battle, an elven cleric, a dwarven fighter, a genasi rogue with fires dampened, two human rangers, and Hesta, stood over the vanquished form of the Goblin king, his minions either dead or fleeing. Hesta leaned on her staff, breathing heavily. She was out of spells, the last of her slots being spent on the decisive blast of a lightning bolt. But the Goblin King was dead, and although his goblin hordes would take some clearing out of their hideaways in the hills and caves of the surrounding valley, the core of the threat was gone. 

“Hesta!” the Genasi rogue called, “Look what I’ve found for Maven!” He poked his head out of the side room they’d missed in the heat of the battle with a grin. 

Hesta limped over - she hadn’t quite managed to skip out of the way of a barbed goblin arrow - and looked. The Pile of treasure was enough to astound even her. She marvelled at the amount of gold coins - no-one would miss one or two, and they would look splendid in Maven’s secret stash. 

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So, just noticed that rewards cant be shipped to the US state of Rhode Island. I am not in Rhode Island, but am curious as to why. I now have a Peter Griffin/ Family guy reason in my head... but wonder what the real reason is.

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9 hours ago, Smokestack said:

So, just noticed that rewards cant be shipped to the US state of Rhode Island. I am not in Rhode Island, but am curious as to why. I now have a Peter Griffin/ Family guy reason in my head... but wonder what the real reason is.

Yah, I tried googling it, and came up empty. I have bid for a set, cannot wait! Need to get the doggies now:) May have a line on a place local:)

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23 hours ago, Smokestack said:

So, just noticed that rewards cant be shipped to the US state of Rhode Island. I am not in Rhode Island, but am curious as to why. I now have a Peter Griffin/ Family guy reason in my head... but wonder what the real reason is.


I wonder if it's got something to do with state sales tax collection, if they've got an official presence in Rhode Island and 'sell' there, and KS have recently been adjudged to be sales for these purposes, they will need to do a whole bucket load of paperwork, collect taxes etc (https://www.taxjar.com/states/rhode-island-sales-tax-online/undefined#how-to-collect-sales-tax-in-rhode-island ) 


So rather than do it (especially at short notice) it could have been simpler to go No shipping to RI


Edit: but I can't find any info to back it up so I may well be wrong

Edited by Orlando_the_Technicoloured
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      Been watching the previews for this on Bold's Instagram,  Some crazy cute models, this time sculpted by  Ismael Nieto.  I'm particularly fond of Bisa and Tori, the winners of the dino race, and the BatPacker is too cute.  Resin cast and STL like their last several releases.  I've picked up their STLs before and been very happy, Planning to try to swing for at least one in resin this time, though shipping from Sweden hurts.

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      With your support, this campaign will not only bring this project to life, but also open the door to other lines of miniatures in various genres and even new games to utilize them! 
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