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Unique jester-spider creature mini needed.


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I'm gonna have to make this one but what I'm looking for is the main boss from a upcoming adventure I'm gonna run on my Weds AL/DM's Guild 5e night. The creature in question is a demon that has taken possesion of a female bard that dresses in a red & black harliquinn outfit. When the PCs meet her/him at the end of the adventure this is what they will see:


"She is gaunt, her black and red harlequin jester outfit hanging loosely from her frail body. In her mouth are ten rows of teeth, and her lips are in tatters from her endless feasting. She stands fifteen feet tall, but sits hunched over, face buried in her meals. Her spider-like legs and bony knees splay out to the side."


She is a large mini in 5e. I thinking of a possibly a drider body for the spider legs & maybe Jostina from the Reaper Pathfinder line up:


60159: Jolistina Susperio



(one instance I think I'd rather wish that mini was in the Bones line up.)


Any other ideas?


Also same adventure but there is a encounter with a gaunt "man" that has chains & hooks coming from his body. While he is not a Kyton (or Chain Devil), a mini of one would prob work just fine. Does anyone know if there are chain devil minis besides the 2 prepaints from the older WoTC sets.

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You should definitely use a Sharilith (sp?) base body for the spider legs and if you needed extra support, use a clear pole under the body for support. A jewelers saw like the one I have would quickly cut through that mini!


For the gaunt chain man, I swear I've seen something in the Warlord line...


https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Warlord Army Packs/latest/06151


Skeletons with chains....

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