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Putting the "fun" in "fungal infestation"

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A while back I posted some Shroom Dudes I'd sculpted, and noted one of them had a bunch of little shroom fruiting bodies sticking out all over. I mentioned how this was done, but a step-by-step can't hurt. You'll need a mini, sewing pins with flattish but slightly domed heads, a very fine drill, some pliers, and superglue.

Here's a long-unused Manes demon I got in a WotC grab bag, and a much-more-recently-acquired Nolzur's Myconid Adult. Let's call 'em Cletus and Boletus. Cletus will become a Spore Servant.Boletus will get an upgrade.


Clamp your mini down firmly. FIRMLY!  Otherwise the drill bit may try to skitter, and if there's one thing you DON'T want skittering, it's a rotating blade.
Now, get a very very fine drill bit and drill some holes in 'em! What angle should those holes be? It's graceful if they're more vertical than 90°, but you can make it work with most angles.
Next, get as many pins as you have holes drilled. These pins will be your long-stemmed mushrooms.
It's probably smart to gauge the angle of the hole by inserting a straight pin into each hole before you begin the next step.  And it's always a good idea to be a smarter crafter than I!


Then, BEND them pins. You want smooth curves, but *not* consistent lengths or uniform shapes. 
Mushrooms do not require light to grow, but the taller they are, the further their spores can disperse. 


Now, get that superglue and glue those pins into the holes you've made for them. I advise starting at the top and working down. For verisimilitude, you want to avoid uniform heights and parallel curves (and indeed, straight lines at all).


Then slap some paint onto those fungal stems and caps, and hey presto!


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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


Thanks! Easy and effective. Should have them painted within a day or two.

9 hours ago, Crowley said:

Nails... That's... Simple.


Brilliant, really... 

"Simple, yet functional" describes my projects as well as it describes me! :poke: 

If the pins are shorter and unbent, this would also be a good technique to convert a Stone Giant into a living Nkondi figure. Now *there's* a pulp-tastic idea.


10 hours ago, malefactus said:

Those are OUTSTANDING conversions, Rigel. The Nails work SPLENDIDLY as long stemmed mushrooms...an inspiring idea well worth stealing. TERRIFIC WORK!

Thank you very much, as one who knows! I thought you might have used the idea on your Mushroom Troll...

10 hours ago, malefactus said:

AND  remember Fungus is your Friend.

...It's growing on me! :lol:

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13 hours ago, Rigel said:


... I thought you might have used the idea on your Mushroom Troll...


I haven't tried the nails yet. I have been using jewelry head pins, different gauge floral/stem wire, & an occasional tooth pick/bbq skewer covered in green stuff.

G.W's Mushroom & Goblin combos have me thinking of my own versions. SO I have a lot of mushrooms underway, personable or not. The nails may be 

a cool addition to the mix...it can become an obsession.

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