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I, Zanderina, accepted the D20 rainbow dragon challenge!

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Ok gang, finally got some brush time! 


Cleaned up the wings and body a bit. Again using the primary colors allowed with the black and white to shade. 


On the wings, you can really see the affect of the red liner under the thin layers of the true blue. On the body the liner added some depth under the marine teal color used. 


I think I am ready to glue the wings on, today I did glue the top of his head on. 


Pics for your enjoyment!


Happy Sunday all!







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Hello followers... 


It has been awhile, but I have finally gotten a base for my lovely dragon. I also have painted up his rider who will be with him on the base. Now to just take time and put them on the base and all that fun stuff. 


Pic of what I have been working on while deciding on the dragon... 


Cheers yall and have a great day! Hopefully this weekend I will get some work accomplished on the dragon. 








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