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Box of Goodwill round 8 picture/chatter thread

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My family and I went through the Generic Fighter box and this is our haul:   The left side is my stash, the right side is what the rest of the family took.  My son (4): A Hulk Her

I finally had a chance to go through everything and pick out some stuff! There were some amazing pieces in there, and some of it was like a trip back in time! I didn't want to take too much, but there

I ended up not taking a lot. Though getting everything back in the box was an adventure!    

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I'd like to throw my name in as well for the next round. As for when we actually do it I have no real preference. I currently have the box I started last round ready to go and would be interested in being a starter again.


All that being said someone may need to tap me with a message when the actual signups start. With the forum update still causing problems following topics and posts I've definitely been missing a lot on here lately. 

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I am down for another round!  USPS will do priority mail pickups from the house for anything that fits in the mailbox.  If it doesn't fit in the mailbox, you can send a message to the USPS on the website when you make the label and they will pick up larger packages from your front porch.


yes there is some risk for stuff in the box so please no food but the transit time leaves most of the virus dead on hard surfaces.  I am comfortable with the risk and will be happy to participate

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On 4/18/2020 at 9:54 AM, Mutilatedlips said:

Any news or decision on this? I have to keep  remembering to check these threads every so often. Otherwise I feel like I will miss and it will start without me like it did many times before.

Yes, I will be putting up a sign up thread this coming weekend.

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