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03445: Drunken Pirate


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I still have to work on basing. I am going to go to Hobby Lobby or someplace and look for green stuff to sculp wood and stone or some type of texture paint to coat the base. I have some old flat round bases from D&D Chainmail figures. Would those bases work or do I need some with a lip around the edge. Also any suggestions on the materials needed would be greatly appreciated. 

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i took this pic before I was finished the mini and looking back at it the lighting was better. I quickly learned to not use the camera’s Flash but it requiring a little experimentation to get the lighting right.  I have since given the mini away so I can’t retake any pics. 



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On 4/5/2019 at 10:01 PM, Valthorn_Illian said:

Looks good. Is the monkey named Jack?

Sure. Jack it is. My eyes are not the best but it looked like he was holding something to his eye or something. So in our D&D game Jack the monkey will have a magic monocle that he hold up to his eye and the captain can observe the crew through it. This should keep the crew sufficiently terrified of Jack the monkey. Lol

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