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Wrath of the Righteous painting log

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Aight I opened up a simple one as well. A Bones fly. :) Did some airbrushing on it's green bit. At the moment contrast is bad, but it is gonna blend more once I highlight it up a bit and all. That said, not going to spend forever with this one, it is 'just a giant fly' afterall. :)




As for the 'already-done' pile, I ran out of tieflings to show off! Oh noes! So here is a stone golem that is also in the campaign. :)



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And fly is done!




Can be found in show-off.


I am now basing the 'wolf demon' from Reaper, which is basically a Glabrezu. Pretty epic looking base so far. :)


Oh and here is a Deva that shows up in Wrath of the Righteous which I had already painted.



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@Rigel Thanks!


The prepping of models continues. I always thought this 'Wolf demon' (Glabrezu) looked intimidating, but he needs a proper base to prop him up a bit. So I made him one! Here are a few shots of me removing moldlines, building the base, filling gaps (argh hate that part) and after an airbrush basecoat. :)


40741415973_1707b2df2d.jpg    32764527827_315b94fb5a.jpg



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So I did some serious work on the Wolf Demon/Glabrezu. While WotR is for Pathfinder I am going with a paintscheme based on the DND5 art. So this is where I stand atm.


46963634814_36358478bc.jpg    latest?cb=20161120142628

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Right so in may I started work on a certification for work that I love (OSCP/hacking basically) and it took me a lot of time. So I basically have not painted for months. I am nearing the exam date and I just had to do something.


So I grabbed my 16 Bones 4 statues, unbent them, removed mold lines, airbrushed on primer, gave it a yellow layer, added 2 layers of bronze and this is where I am at. These are planned to be decor for WotR. These are not done yet. :)



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The statues are now done and posted in the Show-Off forum: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88178-16-bones-4-statues/


I have now put together 8 Bones crusaders with some mods. Changed some weapons, a head, and custom bases. All are now primed and ready to get painted. :)




They are based on 32mm bases, but will be counting as medium. Their poses are just too big otherwise. :)


The paintscheme will be white and red with some golds.

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Alright update time! So been painting up some stuff. I finished a few of the minis I posted WIPs of:



49159030348_4fbabebd79.jpg    49159517251_60bbbdb61c.jpg


Horgus Gwerm

49159517991_86d9aab832.jpg    49159748422_467f5a30cd.jpg



49159747997_0c4e0edf7b.jpg    49159517721_97b297925e.jpg


Now for what I am working on.


I got some minis from Creature Caster. Specifically this guy:

A lord of malice, who will be doubling as the Storm King, a serious balor lord. Later in the campaign I also need a version of him without wings, but I think I will just get another mini for that.



And this model will be Nocticula's battle form. The succubus queen:

Link for nudity: https://creaturecaster.store/eu/product/lady-of-strife/


Finally I got three succubi-like minis that will be used for several speific succubi in the campaign:

Link for nudity: https://creaturecaster.store/eu/product/matriarchs-of-ecstasy-full-set/


I have to admit I have been distracted by painting other things. Shock and awe!


Regardless I figure I'd show my insanity of my spreadsheet.



Every column is a book. Green is done. Yellow is in progress. Fat is I have a mini in mind. Every cell can be more then one mini, like Cultists (10).


I am crazy, will never get this done. :P

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