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Wrath of the Righteous painting log

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Monthly update time! Welcome to the new year peeps.


I am putting effort in getting minis and painting a few groups. Specifically in book 3 is a clan of 8 barbarians.




They are still early, but I like working on them. :) They also have a fiendish barbarian leader, but I do not have a miniature for him yet.


Then there is more work on villagers.


These are further along, they need highlighting and the fish woman needs a bunch more work. I am aiming at a group of 10 villagers for different places in the campaign. I have a few completed already.


Finally my wife surprised me with 3D prints of two NPCs from the campaign. That said one I had already painted, Horgus Gwerm. So I have started painting up this 3D print.



While the pose and age of the miniature are better, the detail is kind of lacking. I think that is partly the 3D printer and partly the fact it is a heroforge miniature and they are not that detailed. I am not sure which to go with yet...


Finally I have been scouring the interwebs for more miniatures!




I have serious issues finding any good Dretch miniatures though. :(


Planning on throwing a update roughly once a month this year. :)


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Been a while, here is an update!


I finished a clan of barbarians from book 3. Practiced some non-metallic metal on these barbs. They still need a fiendish leader at some point.




Then we have 5 babaus from the end of book 1. These babaus are really boring minis. So I bought 3 bones versions and 2 metallics. I posed the metallic ones a bit different. Then I added different weapons for all of them, since they came without weapons (though they always tend to wield a longspear in-game). They are also the first time I did a zenethal and then used the existing highlights and a red ink to get an interesting effect. They do not win a beauty competition, but I like em!






Now that these groups are done I have started working on some non-done minis. The glabrezu from earlier, some more villagers that are half done. I could not resist and put together 3 vrocks though. I need to find some more unique vrocks, but these are the start. 2 are metal (1 Reaper, 1 Otherworld Miniatures) and 1 is Bones. I made some bases, did some basic zenethal with my airbrush and that is where they stand. I got a 2nd airbrush coming tomorrow and I wanna try to use a more detailed airbrush to do some of these vrocks.




So if you know anymore good Vrock models, I need at least 3 more or so, a few more basic, and another 'special/hero' vrock like the one in the middle here.

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18 hours ago, Maglok said:


So if you know anymore good Vrock models, I need at least 3 more or so, a few more basic, and another 'special/hero' vrock like the one in the middle here.











D&D Miniatures Dungeons of Dread / Vrock







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@Glitterwolf: Thanks :) I have seen those though and personally I think they are pretty much nothing. All prepainted undetailed. :( The Paizo one looks the best, but meh.


Thanks for checking though Glitterwolf! :)

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Been on the mythic hero Vrock for a bit. My new airbrush is amazing and I am loving the model.


Most of the green parts are not finished, nor is the base or the sword.



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And here he is, Mr. Mythic Vrock all done :) I am really pleased with how he turned out!


49688693957_c569731d4b_z.jpg    49688694012_ae9d75639f_z.jpg

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