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N'dee Legends

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N’dee Legends

(Rainbow Warriors - Many tribes- as told to me by Cacique Guyenaki Torrez of the Jiati Bonico tribe of Tiano peoples)


It was several weeks into the journey to Cassini that the “Gatekeepers” finally boarded the starships of the CETFOR fleet. They brought with them a rather odd assortment of equipment, old Rolex watches, cyclometers, analog odometers, string, and lace. Principle War Chief Cruz observed the old Arroco-al with a whimsical sense of amusement, though Principle War Chief McLemure scathed at the idea of a Blood Apache helmsmen at the control of their ships.


Still if there was any hope of getting through the Looking Glass, the Arroco-al were the only means of getting through. Old Cano and his granddaughter Lillian were aboard the Battleship Jeremiah Ward. She was quite young, coal black hair, straight with a touch of Asian in her facial structure, but she was already reputed as a top notch pilot.


Her grandfather on the other hand was a bit of an eccentric, big hairy nose; grayed hair tied in a pony tail and he wore an old brimmed hat. Old Cano often smelled of musk, and many attributed his strangeness to his constant use of Payote. He was out there; once he boarded the Jeremiah Ward, he immediately took a fancy to the pulsing deck lights, gazing for a few minutes before he decided to go to his quarters.


The next week of course was utter heck; there were many ship captains in the fleet that objected to the Arroco-al refitting some of their systems with analog equipment. War Chief Cruz found himself juggling complaints, and even reprimanding several officers for disallowing the changes. There was a reason for the changes to the instrumentation and the engineers made very sure they accounted for all the technical modifications happening to their drive systems.


It was going to be a long, long journey, and these Blood Apaches were the wackiest War Chief Cruz had ever encountered. They mostly came from the Sacred Waters (Jiati Bonico) sect, a Tiano based counsel; they were a small clique but with a reputation for their excellent Astrogation skills. War Chief Cruz seemed a little shaken by the analog equipment, but perhaps they knew something most people didn’t; He was advised by the Prefect before he left Awenasa, to allow the Arroco-al to make their adjustments and comply with their recommendations.


During off hours aboard the Jeremiah Ward, however proved interesting. Most crewmen would spend lots of time in the observation lounge having drinks and shooting the elf with their battle buddies. Since the Arroco-al arrived, the troops found themselves more and more engaged with the elders, it started with one soldier, he simply asked “What is it with you, old man?” and that’s how it started.


Next thing we knew, a week had gone by and they were all waiting to get off duty so they could go to the observation lounge and listen to this crazy old coot tell them stories about the N’dee ancestors. War Chief Cruz sat on a bar stool across the room with a bottle of Corona, and twist of lemon. He sat back and observed.


There was once an old lady from the Cree Tribe, named Eyes of Fire. Long ago, she had prophesied our coming, the ascension of our nation, and fall of the Yo ne gis (White men). There would come a time when fish would die in the streams, the waters blackened, birds no longer fly in the air, and trees would no longer grow. The world before would no longer exist as it were.


During this time, the health of Elohi, the Earth mother would be ill, and we the Arroco-al, the keepers of legends, stories, and our customs would be needed to restore her to health. We would be key to mankinds survival, the Warriors of the Rainbow.


It is through we, the Arroco-al, that the tribes of men would unite as one, the great “one tribe”, to defend the values of justice, peace, freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit. We were the ones who taught men to live, to maintain our way, and to teach men the way of the Great Spirit, a way lost. Since men had turned away from the Great Spirit, Elohi became sick, but the Great Spirit is full of love and understanding. There is hope, in that we can make Elohi beautiful again.


That is what the N’dee people are sworn to do; the ancient ways live through us, and the principles we follow set to make things as they should be. The rainbow symbolizes the tribes of men, all men, including the Yo ne gis, living together as one tribe, one people, the N’dee. We value unity, love and understanding, and as a Blood Apache, I defend these ideals with my life.


We once remembered the Great Spirit in prayer whose love is flowing like clear streams from the mountains high. This Stream flows into the ocean of life, all life as manifested in this beautiful galaxy. Men should find solace in counsels that speak the will of the people, and serve them to no end. Mankind should live and exist as brothers, regardless of race, religion or creed; Happiness in the hearts of men, radiate in mankind, we become light, but this is achieved through understanding and respect for all things, nature and the Great Spirit.


Seeking the beauty of the Great Spirit, you will find strength in your prayers, your thoughts pure, and then will you be able to run free to enjoy the treasures of nature, Elohi, and of this beautiful galaxy. Nature is the gift Elohi gives, and with our knowledge, we become free from the toxins and destruction wrought by the greedy practices of the Yo ne gis.


The practice of our counsel is to protect our people, to care for the poor, sick and needy as you would your brother or sister. Our leaders are chosen in the old tradition, not by political party, or who can speak loudest or boast more, but rather by those who demonstrate their love and devotion to our people, for the greater good of all. These are the men and women who carry forth our wisdom and teach our young the lessons of the first Rainbow Warriors. The evidence of our being is the miracle, and our actions proof of the truth we speak.


We have conquered mountains of ignorance, encountered much prejudice and hatred; it is the Blood Apache that has answered the challenges, protected our ways, and defended our ideals against the evils of this beautiful galaxy. We fight with dedication and unwavering strength, and through our hand Elohi will be returned to her former beauty. We are the Rainbow Warriors.

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N’dee Legends

(The Ancient One- many tribes)


The old man sat in a recliner, his lips pressed around an old pipe with the sweet smell of tobacco throughout the observation lounge. It was a bit late and many of the troops were returning to their quarters. It was a bit early before the next shift took to the observation lounge, and the old man was taking a moment to recollect himself.


Two bottles of Corona later, War Chief Cruz felt a little at ease, mellowed out a bit, and pondering the words of the Arroco-al. Lillian had entered the room, and ordered a drink at the bar. Hmmm, Napoleon Brandy, light on the ice; it wasn’t War Chief Cruz’s kind of drink, but more power to her.


“So, how long have you been a mercenary?” She asked.


War Chief Cruz raised a brow and sat back on his stool. “I prefer to use the term freelance security provider, but it’s been a few years. Left the UTDF and went straight into the private security business. Not much else out there for an old grunt.”


“No familia? Come on, N’dee without family is quite rare.” She was surprised, but War Chief Cruz hesitated to answer her. “No worries Chief, you ain’t my type anyway, just being courteous.”


War Chief Cruz chuckled a bit and then answered.


“Well, there was this one lady I was with before the first war started. She’s not around anymore.”


“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”


“Oh, no, no, you got it all wrong; basically she took fancy to an old drill sergeant and has been with him ever since…” War Chief Cruz finished the second bottle of Corona and placed it on the counter. The bartender was about to open another bottle, but War Chief Cruz motioned him not to bother.


“Your grandfather is a strange old man.”


“That he is. Hey looks like he has another story to tell…..”


“One day the Ancient one sat by the shade of his tree which stood in front of his cave. He was interested in the world before him, and decided he would ask everyone he saw of the things that gave them strength and distinction. He saw the Red People and stopped them. Tell me of your visions he said.”


The Red People answered him, telling the Ancient One how their elders told them to pray in such a mannor, thus was important for this was what they had been taught by their elders, generations by generations. This is how we must pray.”


"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.


Next he saw the Black People and asked them the same question, Tell me your vision.


They answered him telling him that their mothers had told them go to this building, and in there they must pray in such a manner. Their fathers had taught them to bow in such a manner and it is important that they conduct themselves this way.”


"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.


And then he saw the Yellow People, asking them the same. Tell me your vision”

The Yellow People said that their teachers had taught them to sit in such a manner, to say certain things that must be said when they pray, we must do this when we pray."


"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.


The White People passed by him, and the Ancient asked them. Tell me your vision”


The White People answered, saying their book told them to pray in such a manner, to do things in such a manner and that this was important when they prayed.


"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.


Intrigued the Ancient One went to visit Elohi, and asked her. ”What vision did you give the peoples?” and she answered.


I have given a special gift to each one, but they were so busy speaking and arguing which way is right, they could not see the gifts we gave them.


To be sure of this, the Ancient One asked the same question to the animals, birds, insects, trees, flowers, sky, moon, stars and all of the other spirits; they told him the same.


Saddened the Ancient One called to all the peoples, Red, Black, Yellow and White and said to them.


"The ways taught to you by your Elders, and your Mothers and Fathers, and Teachers, and Books are sacred. It is good that you respect those ways, for they are the ways of your ancestors. But the ancestors no longer walk on the Face of the Earth Mother."


"You have forgotten your own Vision. Your vision is right for you but no one else. Now each of you must pray for your own visions, and be still enough to see them, so you can follow the way of the heart.


It is a hard way but it is a good way. "

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Law of the Jungle

told to me by Imam Mumaar, of the Masjid Thuuba over a decade ago


One day the animals of the jungle came together to work out a means to find peace, the Snake, the Elephant, the Lion, the Leopard and the Hyena.


The Snake contributed to the law saying" I am small, I don't like to be stepped on, that’s the law I would like to contribute"


The elephant said "I have this trunk, to reach my back with water cause I don't like to be dusty; don't put dust on me, that is my law.


The Lion said, I am the King of the Jungle and it is my sworn duty to protect the weaker creatures of this jungle. That is the law I wish to contribute.


the Leopard said, "I have spots on my body because I do not like to be looked at


My law is that you don't look at me.


The Hyena had a grin on his face the whole time they spoke, and he found the leopard rather funny.


“Don’t look at ME!” said the Leopard!


The Hyena didn’t listen and the Leopard grew angry until finally he attacked the Hyena!


The fight was terrible and the elephant saw the dust they were kicking up, so he moved out of the way. But the Elephant accidentally stepped on the snake and killed him! The Lion saw this and thought; the Elephant is much bigger and stronger than the Snake, so he immediately attacked the Elephant! Now everyone was fighting.


The moral of the story; it only takes one man's ignorance to cause chaos.

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