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April showers bring May...be painted minis (April Hobby Goals)

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On 4/1/2019 at 11:23 AM, Werkrobotwerk said:

listed in order of decreasing certainty that it will happen:

paint the ambots

paint the last 2 starsaga player characters

paint sneaky marine squad (whose name I forgot)

finish painting the 2 age of sigmar things (the knight wizard sigmar things)

bones 4?

paint some more siege of the citidel?

space rats?

things I do not even know about?

So, in addition to the stuff crossed off on the list I painted

3 bones 4 ghouls

Bones 4 dracula

Bones 4 dread mere necromancer, and necromancer with shovel

2 Bones bat monsters

Bones 4 ankylosaurus man

Bones 4 axe knight. 


For a total of 24 minis in April. 


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On 4/1/2019 at 7:03 PM, MiniDungeonMaster said:

I start my new job this month- so setting lower than previous goals for myself


- Paint 10 miniatures

- Run 1 d&d session

-Make building plans for new desk/hobby area



Wow I got even less done than my idea of "reduced goals" actually quite annoyed by the whole thing.


The building plans for a new desk area were made- and we started building- but withmy new job it is taking much longer than planned and nothing is finished yet- which left me without a place to paint for basically all of April so I got 4 minis started, but not finished. I ran a session 0 for my campign which was good- I'm happy with that. Hopefully the hobby room will be finished this weekend and I can get back to some painting!

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On 4/6/2019 at 1:01 AM, Warlady said:



1. Next four minis for ongoing commission

2. Finish minis for grandsons - wizard, barbarian and warrior still to paint

3. Keep on working on dragons.  That fire dragon I started back in January is not happy about being left on the table.  And you know how cranky dragons can be if they are ignored!


Finished the four commission minis as well as the next four

Got the wizard done, still working on barbarian and warrior

Finished the fire dragon!

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