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DreamForge-Games Eisenkern Grav-StuG

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Didn't see this one on the forums yet.  DreamForge is releasing something new following their past production issues.  Neat looking tank.  I've got a bunch of their other stuff, and while I haven't built the big mech yet, the other vehicles and troops were great kits.  Not sure they're going to hit the goal at this rate though. 

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I like it, just have no use for it. I have a squad of the Eisen... But never really did anything with them. The creator teased a variant with legs on DakkaDakka. I could maybe steam punk that up if it does show up here...

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STL file format printable buildings…


Two building styles:

· Stucco 

· Masonry 

Each building set will come with three window pane variants, three architectural window embellishments, store-front wall sections, two entrance designs that match the wall design, two roof designs, files to create interior walls and doors.

One accessory set to convert your creation:

· WWII / Weird Wars

· Contemporary

· Sci-Fi with a 'Blade Runner' feel

The accessory set encompasses these three time periods and contains items to help set your creation into the time period of your choosing. Items such as lamp posts, signage, street lights, mail boxes, fire escape and other accessories that help set the stage for your grand adventure. 

(WITH STUG $10.00 per file set, $30.00 for all three sets)

Each set is a separate STL file collection and is added to an existing pledge for those who have already backed for one or more Grav-StuG’s. The cost for each file set for backers of the StuG is $10.00 per set, a 50% savings. If you would like all three sets, simply add $30.00 to your pledge.

(STL FILE PLEDGE ~ ONLY ~ $20.00 per file set, $60.00 for all three sets)

Those wishing to back for the STL files only, without backing for a StuG model kit. Each file set is $20.00. If you would like all three file sets, simply pledge for $60.00, using the “STL FILE REWARD ~ONLY~” backer rewards section. 

· Please note- This is not an all-inclusive license; you are granted the use of these file for your personal use only. You may not sell give or transfer these files to any other party or post them in a manner that allows for transfer to third parties. Nor are you given the rights to manufacture for sale product based on these files…. 

-They are for your personal use only-

Expected delivery date of all STL files is October 2019 (There is now shipping charge) Files will be delivered electronically.

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Down to the last 48 hour,


and a chance to win a really cool prize if your a (stug) backer


Raffle for professionally painted StuG!

Posted by Mark Mondragon (Creator)

The incredibly talented Mr David Woods has volunteered his time to paint two StuG’s for two lucky winners. 

The winners will be randomly chosen from those backers who pledged for at least one StuG. 

Each StuG kit backed during the active Kickstarter will count towards an entry into the raffle.  

For those of you who don’t know. Mr. David Woods is a very talented and prolific miniatures enthusiast and painter. He painted the Eisenkern APC for the kits box art and I have that kit proudly displayed behind my desk. You can see more of David’s work on his blog page DWARTIST’S PAINTING BLOG 

Click to see David's amazing work

David does not typically take commissions, so this is a rare opportunity to have a Woods original in your collection!

I will be providing the kits and the shipping for the prizes free of charge to the lucky winners. These will not come out of any of the kits that you backed and will be free additional kits.

David has agreed to paint the kits up in Panzer Grey like the CAD images from the Kickstarter. He may be open for discussion about alternative colors or cammo patterns, winter, desert, etc. but those requests are at the sole discretion of Mr. Woods. 


David has volunteered his time for this raffle, because like you, he really wants a StuG! Let’s get this done and get this awesome kit in your collection.


At the time of writing this update, we have less than 57 hours left in this campaign!

It's time to firm up those pledges and start sharing this final warning with your circle of friends and social media sites you frequent. 

I need your help on this!

Please, take a moment to link to the Kickstarter and let your friends know you are backing…

It really does make a difference! 


Link to use: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamforge-games/dreamforge-games-eisenkern-grav-stug


Thank you again for your backing and thank you for letting your circle of friends know that you backed this campaign and you want to see it funded. 


All the best!



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I kind of wish that Mark had added some of his current stock to the available pledges, either as alternate pledges or as add ons.


I'm not even talking about at discount - just having them would make a difference! He makes some fantastic models, and I love his Leviathans. (I modified one of the smaller kits for a steampunk game.)


But I don't think that the Grav Stug, by its lonesome, is enough to push this over the edge. ::(: So close, but not enough.


The Auld Grump

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It would have helped but he wasn't able to do it as he explained in the comments


"Unfortunately, I cannot use existing product to boost the numbers.

There are several reasons for this:

Those kits are in the US, this KS will ship from China and as a result, they cannot be combined and all of you would get dinged for double shipping fees and hit with the insane shipping prices we have here in the US if you reside in another country.

The inventory is not solely owned by me. I own the IP but the current stock is what remains of WGF’s presence in the US and I send a portion of each sale back to WGF for these items. So using the as rewards, or gifts or samples is not an option I can explore."

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      I'm not sure what I can say about this that isn't said on the page; other than it looks like a sheet management toy that could be a lot of fun to mess with.
      I'll let you guys judge effectiveness for yourselves. ;p
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