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1 hour ago, Keianna said:

Awesome! If you need some more reference pics, I can get Snickerdoodle to pose for you. He works for raw pumpkin seeds and would be happy for extras. 




That is the exact hair pattern I want on these guys!  He's adorable.  If you can get me head shots from the side, top, front, and 3/4 front that would be AWESOME!  Also, if you can some how get a picture of him with his mouth open, like he's about to bite a treat, that would be exceptionally cool, as the shaman will be yelling. You can email any pictures directly to me at [email protected]


Snickerdoodle will be immortalized in a mini (or three)!

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1 hour ago, GHarris said:

But what if we all want to see modelling shots of Snickerdoodle??? That guinea pig has charisma!


Talespinner is going to do a great job with these figures!


Here they are reduced so they don't take up too much bandwith:



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