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Got the body of the female done last night.  My client wants anthropomorphic anatomy for these, hence the breasts.  They are smooth because I will be adding clothing over that area.  I decided to make her a bit less hairy than the male.




The shaman got feet and underpinning.



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Progress has happened.  Actually, there were at least 2 sessions, I forgot to post after the last one.  Sorry it has been so long; I had a biz trip to North Carolina and have been up to my eyeballs at work ever since, so the sculpting has suffered as a result.


Since the last post, I fleshed out the shaman, deciding to make him fat. I also made skulls and eye balls for all three (can't believe I didn't post that).  The shaman's head looks weird here because he will have his mouth open showing his teeth, and I just sculpted the teeth last night. I also got the faces done on the other two last night.  Sorry for the blurriness, I didn't notice until just now and I am in no position to retake. The heads need more fur around the ears and on top yet, but I wanted the faces to set first.





At an auction last week, I added a real Maasai lion spear to my weapons collection :wub:; it will be the basis for one of their weapons.



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Finished the fur on the male and female.  His head is done (though I am considering adding a nose ring).  On her, you can see a slice through the hair on the top of the head an preparation for a feathered head dress I will be giving her.  She also has on on her back for where the strap of her top will go through.





I still need to do the face on the shaman, it wasn't coming out right last night and I had to scrap it.  Next for these two will be their adornments: a tooth necklace for him and a head-dress and top for her.

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How about the show-tag in the ear?


Awesome work on these, thou that one WiP of the shaman, it looks like a illithid without the squigglies :lol:

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Lots of stuff done in the last week.


Worked on the shield arm of the guy (sorry for the bad picture):





Sculpted the face of the shaman and then finished his head once the putty on his ears cured.







Sculpted the lady's coconuts, shield arm, feathers for the head dress, and then added them to her head.  I'm trying to decide what more the head dress needs, if anything.










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These photos of a hairless guinea pig breed turned up in my Twitter feed, in case you needed some anatomical foundation under the fur



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My photos are quite blurry this time, sorry.  I was having issues.


I added a couple more feathers to the female and a textured band.  Unfortunately, the picture isn't perfectly clear.





Here is her weapon in the works:





I added a claw necklace to the male.





And his weapon in the works:





I started adding a small skull necklace to the shaman.  I also played with having him holding a human skull, but it is too big and I have already removed it.



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Made a bunch of progress last night.


Here is the current state of the shaman (I swear he must be casting a Blur spell before picture time):





I started making his staff, but got it too thick for this tiny of a mini (these guys are only 15 mm).  I'll put that aside and use it for something else someday.





I started resculpting the staff, but this time decided to make it more detailed.  It will have an antelope skull on it:


3.jpg.ae00a7ae46a961d8c109e1e1d44c1ddf.jpg file.jpg.85c8070caf804c48290ff9c2c5981f7b.jpg



The male and female are now done except for their shields:





I also finished the inside of the shields last night; I'll mount them on the minis tonight (I suspect that the male's shield will need to be a separate piece):





Also, I had originally thought to make their weapon arms separate; that way I could make another option with a ranged weapon for each, but at this size it really would not be good from a modeling perspective as pinning one of these tiny arms would be very difficult.

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I should note that I don't own any 15mm slot bases, so I had to put them on 25mm bases which look really big with these guys, but atleast you get a good idea of how small they are.







Female (She's leaning forward in these pictures, I hadn't noticed that the poster tack had slipped until well after the picture was taken): 






(I'm pretty proud on how cool that staff turned out)





The next step will be to send them to the caster after my client OKs them where they will make master copies.  My client plans on having me take some of the masters and make a few variants on the male and female with different weapons and poses.


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