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Curious if anyone has seen the products (Waterdeep: Dragon Heist)  in action. Like during a game or at a con. Seriously thinking about getting the set they are making for Secrets of Saltmarsh, as that is most likely my next game to run on Monday nights. The price tag is $175 so it's not cheap but if its worth what they claim. I think it would money well worth spent.



The Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh is full of the same kinds of quality, game-enhancing items we included in the Platinum Edition of Waterdeep Dragon Heist: 


Encounter Cards (I've been using the cards from GF9 & they fantastic for my games!!)

Battle Maps (one of the maps is a generic ship on a write-able surface)


Custom DM screen

Large Area Map of the Styes

Exploded Module (They are gonna take each adventure & "pull it from" the adventure so it'll be easier to run/reference)

and more!


Again, just wanted other opinions before plunking down the cash. I've heard good things about the Dragon Heist set they did.

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