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Mil Net down ?

Wrath of One

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Hmmm I am no computer maven but if you are having problems going to more than one site you may want to purge your cookie repository, for a lack of a better tem (ok I took the class years ago so I do not quite remember the name, just how to get to it)


All sites leave cookies in your drive, try purging them off and then restarting the computer, yep when you do that the cookie for this site will also be gone so when you come back you will notice it will lag a tad, as it creates a new cookie.


The other thing you can try before doing that is lowering your security setting, for navigation...


Oh and if you recently installed a firewall that may also be part of the problem.


Just throwing some ideas from whenever I have to do home IT.




Oh and if you intalled a firewall that changes the security setting, almost instantaneously, when I installed Black Ice, it was a NIGHTMARE to navigate the web. Great program, but due to that problem I would not recomend it.


We use Sygate... it is easier to configure


Hope this helps

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Heck no we're not down! (For once at least! :lol:)


Cookies have nothing to do with whether or not you can see a website, so that's not the problem. Wouldn't be your Firewall either if you're getting to other sites on the 'net. Mil-Net doesn't have anything on it that would kick off security measures.


Most likely there's a hardware issue with either WoE's ISP or on a router somewhere along the way. You ever see those TV commercials for like the phone company where they show all of the lines connecting points on the map to each other and that's what your phone conversations carry across? Well that's how the Internet works too.


If one relay goes down between where you live and where the webserver you're trying to talk to resides, it can stop you cold. If you still can't hit it by tomorrow call your ISP and tell them what's up, they should be able to check to see if its a hardware problem on their side or somewhere outside their system.


Basically, if you can't see it and they can't either, the problem is outside your ISP because you're on the same system. If you can't see it but they (meaning the help desk) can, its a problem w/your ISP someplace between your house and their main connection into the Internet.

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