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The Gatehouse of the Convent of Saint Emilia

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Making this for the Burning Light campaign in Rangers of Shadowdeep. I've been bouncing back and forth between painting things for this campaign and Frostgrave. Felt like I was getting down to the end with most of the necessary minis and smaller terrain painted. But I need walls, lots of walls. I want these for Frostgrave and other games as well so it's all good. Decided to make everything needed for the gatehouse as it seems to have the most walls and I can use them in other scenarios as well. The map is 3' x 2' with a 2' x 2' room in the middle. Originally was just going to do the inner walls but got going and cut chunks for all of it.


Last night I did up a test gate piece and was really happy with it. So today I'm almost done 2 more as well as a lot of work on walls. There are just under 10' of walls and gates in this. First a poorly lit pic of the finished gate. The wall pieces are made so that a 2 inch door from Dungeon Saga fits in the gap. I may or may not make gates someday. This is faster and I can still use the doors by themselves.



Next a couple pics showing the whole thing on the floor.




It's all based on pieces of 3" increments. I have 3", 6", 9" and 12" long chunks to give me customisability in the future. I was planning on more of a ruined feel but decided to do this as more solid walls. I will make some ruined pieces matching these later. I'm also ready to try and make a city style mat. I'm hoping to get time tomorrow to try it out. 

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Think I figured out why this is a bigger job that I thought. There's actually 14' of walls. 10' is the outside. I'm completely finished about 2' and have another 4' partly painted. The smaller fiddly stuff is what I've finished and pretty soon I'll be working on the 12" pieces.

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A few updated pics. Spent about 6 hours on this yesterday and a couple today. 4 1' pieces left to paint and 4 1' pieces needing a final coat of modge podge for protection. Probably take another hour or two to finish plus I need to paint one more double door from Dungeon Saga. Hoping to finish tomorrow. 




Some closer pics to show how the stone work turned out.




Also set up to make a grey mat for this and Frostgrave out at the farm. Hoping to do the biggest part of the painting on it tomorrow after chores. I've made and base coated a couple small doorways for other maps and need a few smaller rubble pieces as well.

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All of the pieces in the photos are finished as well as a couple 6" ones and 2 3" wide small doorways. I'll need those for other scenarios. I need to make a two story corner with broken second floor and a few low walls/rubble and a set of stairs then I'm finished with terrain for this campaign. It's a set of 9 different rooms in the monastery and this should allow me to build each room in turn.


I'm still mucking around (literally) making a 3 foot square mat for this. Need more paint and what I've done is drying incredibly slowly so I'm not sure how it will turn out. I'm waiting for the ~2' square I've already painted with an experimental mix of house paint and sand to dry. If I like it I'll go ahead finishing that mat off. If not I've got other easier ideas of how to do up quick mats. Got lots of canvas to play with but am trying not to waste paint if possible. So far I've only used left over house paint. 


Will post more photos once I get to the next stage on the mat.

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Think I'm done making and painting stuff for this, terrain at least. Still have a few minis to go. The mat wasn't fun. Not terribly difficult but not fun. Today it still wasn't dry and the colours looked like crap. It was a nice warm day so I hung it on the fence in front of the farm house. When I can back the wind had picked up and the wet areas had slapped together and stuck. When I unstuck it chunks tore off and made a double layer and bare spots. I'm bad for never throwing things away if at all usable so I grabbed a little pry bar that was at hand and smeared the paint/sand more level. It still looked bad so I slapped some paint on it and smushed some sand into it for texture. Several more hours in the sun and it dried enough for me to roll up and bring to town for more work.


Got to town and showed the wife my 3 colour pile of ^#[email protected]%. She wasn't impressed either especially with the sky blue that was most of it. It had cracked in spots while drying and some of the paint/sand mix wanted to crumble off with handling. I spread it out in the back yard to dry some more. I was considering hitting it with my Art Deco paints but 3'x3' will take a LOT of paint. Then I decided to try spray paints. I grabbed almost every colour of spray paint I had and attacked it. Started with black almost everywhere to turn the white and sky blue more grey. Not super thick but enough to shade it down a lot. Then did some medium grey on the dark original patch. Then light patches and strips of brown and dark green followed by a dusting of the speckle stone I used on my castle. Wish I had taken a before picture because I'm amazed that it looks not bad now.


Hanging on the stair railing in my garage because the speckle stone is slow drying and it's supposed to start raining over night.



Colour is off in the photos but it gives you an idea. You can see the cracks and mushed patches but they don't look bad now. If anything they add a bit of variety and texture. Wondering if I need to hit it with some sort of sealer to help it not crumble. I think it'll be usuable. Had thought about adding some flock but I think the touch of green paint is enough for now.Need to trim it a bit and decide how to keep the edges from unravelling once I'm sure it's dry.


Next couple of pics are for our next Frostgrave game but they're using a lot of the pieces I made for the monastery. Forgot to take a close up of the 2 story ruined corner I just finished yesterday. It's in the center of the table with a set of stairs set up next to it. I'm really happy how it turned out. I used a press for clay with a wood grain pattern on it with Dollar store foamcore to make the wooden second floor. Fast and decent looking.



Next photos will likely be in a battle report when we play.

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I lied. Here's another shot of the mat. Late last night I gave it a spray down with 50/50 pva/water. This morning when I checked it in the garage some of the sky blue had bled through everything and it was still tacky. Think this is payback for me using a 15 year old paint instead of buying a new can. It's in the back yard now drying in the sun. This is my test mat. Once I'm done fooling around with it I'll by fresh paint and make a better looking one. I wanted a city mat but this will end up being my dryland mat if it turns out. Want maybe 4 different mats and have canvas enough for 6.




Colour's only a little of true with this. Everything is closer to blue along the near edge than last night when I took the pics.

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