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In an effort to stave off "Dwarf Fatigue", figured I'd attempt something different alongside.


Wizkids Female Rogues. I've painted these before for some coworkers, and found the one on the right to be extremely frustrating do to how the cloak hung. After some lurking about on the Wzkids thread it dawned on me to use the same "hot water/cold water" technique as for Bones on them. After a resounding "D'oh!" I did so and got good results. They've been hit with some watered down Sepia Wash, and I'm pretty sure I've gotten most of the mold lines. The color scheme I have in mind is the one on the left will be a recreation of the one I gifted to Eleven Coworker, as the sculpt is basically a mini me version of her, and the one on the right will be done in the style of the Dark Brotherhood of Skyrim as her daggers have kind of a Daedric vibe to them.


Wizkids Female Barbarians. I haven't previously painted these and am currently undecided as to go with a series of browns/greys on them or if I should attempt to give a certain Stormcloak or Middenheimer vibe to them by adding blues in. 


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Skin on the rogues is Pale Shadow and the assassin's hair is Blonde Shadow. Her lower face is going to be a challenge, as either I obliterated some detail with the Sepia Wash, or it wasn't there to begin with. 


Rosy Shadow as the skin base on the barbarians, and Auburn Shadow and Blonde Shadow on the hair. Their cloaks are in Stormy Grey. I painted around the skin to make life a little easier when doing the blending. 

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Since the ground's too wet to continue the Lawn War, I've been getting some progress in. To greater and lesser extents of success, they all now have eyes.


Combination of Dragon blue and Pure Black, didn't really go as well as I had hoped, but it works from a distance and somehow has managed to capture the steely glare Elven Coworker would get when an unexpected and unreservationed 20 top would hit...


Overshirt based in Cloudy Grey, pants in Heather Blue. Of them all this figure is proving the easiest to work with as the lack of cloak and her arms aren't acting as brush deflectors.


The Assassin's eyes after the second attempt. There may be a third when my patience bar refills. I'm holding off on basing the rest of her until I get her face and immediate surrounding cloak done. Also on my latest playthrough of Skyrim I haven't yet hit the Dark Brotherhood questline as I'm still working to upgrade enchanting so as to soul trap the contracts....anyway I'm holding off until encountering Astrid as she's the inspiration for this figure.


Viper Green/Pure Black on her eyes, and I decided to go with the Stormcloak/Middenheim vibe. Previous barbarians I've done have more of a "We just beat up some Romans and took their stuff" type vibe and it was tempting to match them, but my Middenheimer Champion on the shelf looked like he might like some new friends...


Dragon Blue/Pure Black again and Heather Blue on the clothing. Both barbarian sculpts confused me as their arms are clearly in sleeves, yet well above the fur line of the corset/jacket, so bare would've made more sense. Consulting the back of the blister showed that the were indeed sleeves...but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't go over them in a light gray just to break up the colors a bit...

As usual I'm finding the Wizkids minis to be painting on a somewhat harder mode than most Bones or GW*, but at least these aren't being quite as difficult as the Female Elf Fighters were.

*The GW stuff I have is quite old, and hence not in as many seperate pieces as the newer stuff seems to be.



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Skin tones are finished, and three of them have the first highlight on their hair.


When waitresses attack! Tonight on Sick Sad World!


Astrid continuing to be difficult, but it works from a distance.


Judging by her expression someone just inquired as to her relation to Carrot Top and is about to pay the price for doing so.


I was able to get her left eye back towards realms of somewhat realism. The sneer wasn't planned, but it works. I suppose it's good that they're taking on their own personalities, but I'm somewhat worried by the fact they're doing so without much input from me....

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A bit more progress.


Belts and sheathes in Russet Brown and black on the knife handles.


Astrid had Black and Dragon Red based on her clothing and armor. Several spots behind her arms were a bit of a pain to get to. Perhaps the bristles ticked a bit as it seemed at times as if she was batting the brush away...


I highlighted the raised portions of her cloak in Concrete Grey and then hit it with a black wash, giving it the "Oinkbane Effect" (too subtle!) I'll have to go back and tweak it later.


Went over her sleeves with Buckskin Pale, boots with Woodland Brown, fur with Russet Brown and black on the belt. Her corset was rebased in Cloudy Grey.


Similar treatment, except her boot fur is Russet Brown and her gauntlets Cloudy Grey. 

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A bit more progress, washes have been abused and highlighting begun.


Begun bringing up her overshirt with a 50/50 mix of Cloudy and Rainy Grey, Drackenhof Nightshade on her jeans, and occasional metallics are Honed Steel.


Brought the sleeves from Buckskin Pale up to Linen White, armor is Gunmetal Blue as is the sword hilt, Honed Steel on the edges and doused in P3 Armor Wash. Blackend Steel/Honed Steel on the weapon blades. Drybrushed Stormy Grey on her cloak, corset/vest and arm furs based in Stormy and highlighted with Cloudy Grey, then a 50/50 Cloudy Rainy Grey mix.


Pretty much same as above.


Finished blocking in the Dragon Red and Black, abused brown and black washes as needed. Her knife blades are Blackend Steel/Honed Steel, as the Daedric weapons in Skyrim tend towards two tone metal with dabs of red. 

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    • By strawhat
      I started Rimeblast a couple weeks ago.  She's the first thing I've painted in some time.  It won't be anything special (I've got to learn how to up my game one of these days), but it's a start.
      This won't be a real in-depth thread, just the "end of the night" update after a painting session.

      Well, that was where I started.  I knew that the "white" dragon wouldn't be white.  It's not the way things are in the world where Rimeblast dwells.  But, this is the Ocean Colors triad (specifically Deep Ocean), which isn't just blue enough.  
      So, after a couple weeks of unhappy-back-of-the-mind pondering I pull out the paints again.  This is where I am now.

      This is better.  This is Sky Blue with little bits of Deep Ocean peaking through.  I'm "OK" with that.  It gives some variation so she's not (quite) all the same shade.  I'm thinking I'm going to take a heavy drybrush of Frosty Blue, and then a lighter drybrush of Ghost White, or even Sparkling Snow, to finish the scales. 
      The scutes (belly scales) have received a coat of Foggy Grey which is, I've discovered, very close to the shade of Vallejo grey primer already on it.  I'll likely be using Pure White and Sparkling Snow to finish those up--assuming I don't go back and redo them in Rainy Grey.  I'm afraid the countershading will be a little too "bright" if I leave them at "Foggy."
      I'm still not sure where I'm going to take the spinal ridge, crest, and wings.  The bones/supports in the wings bug me a bit.  I keep thinking that there should only be three or four support "fingers" (like a bat), and there a lot more there.  Pardon me while I over-analyze fantasy creature morphology.  
      Thanks for dropping by!
    • By Grumpy Gnome
      After winning a Wizkids Half-Orc Paladin as part of a larger eBay auction I decided to convert it into something else. The scale of the head seemed too small so I replaced that. And the sword did not look quite right so I replaced that. Then whilst painting I got the idea to give it that Brotherhood of Steel rusty red look and suddenly I saw a Medieval Fantasy version of Paladin Danse from Fallout 4. 
      However, I am not sure others will see the same resemblance I do.

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      Hello everyone, here’s the second Wizkids character model I painted for one of the players in my DnD group. I painted the armor using the NMM technique and added blood effect (not hers). This is a Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures 73542, Half-Orc female Fighter produced by Wizards of the Coast. I painted it with Reaper MSP paint. Happy International Hobby Day!







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      Hello everyone, here’s the first Wizkids character model I painted for one of the players in my DnD group. I painted it with Reaper MSP paint. It was a fast paint job since he's eventually going to be moved around on the gaming table. This 72618, Human Wizard is a Wizkids D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures. Have a great day. (it is missing the spell effect piece. I will paint it later).









    • By Kangaroorex
      This was just a little project I wanted to give a try to.  I am still getting used to bones and wizkids plastics and this looked sort of fun.  I decided on blue because it looked sort of Fey and made the mini look shadowy 
      Lots of mold lines on this one!  There're everywhere and not in the best of locations, like right across the face.  Still I could have done better contrast here but one not sure how something that is supposed to walk in shadows!
      Anyway, enjoy!

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