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I'm on a bit of Warhammer 40k kick at the moment, so I built and undercoated my other set of Space Adventurers (these ones come from their Black Fortress board game):-




These guys represent a more ragtag band of rogues and misfits than my Starstrider band.




You've got Elf and Kroot (I think) Rangers, and some sort of Space Wizard.




A big robot and a pair of Halfling Scouts.




A stylish human adventurer, a Priest and his scary, flame-saw wielding assistant.


Starting on the Priest, now known as Father Thadeus:-




Just a Dwarf Skin basecoat with Flesh Wash so far.

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They are SPLENDID Space Opera Characters, WONDERFUL little personalities. I am sure they will only get more interesting as you work your magic on them. HAVE FUN!

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Thanks guys!


Little bit of progress:-




Finished his skin with highlights of Dwarf Skin and 1:1 Dwarf Skin/Light Flesh, gave him little Leather Brown eyes, Bonewhite teeth and a Sky Blue nose-tube.

Then I did his fancy hat (Bloody Red > Brown Wash > Bloody Red > 1:1 Bloody Red/Pale Yellow) with decorations (Polished Gold > Brown Wash > Polished Gold > 1:1 Polished Gold/Chrome).


Not sure what bit to do next.

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Thanks guys!


More progress:-




Painted his shoulder-pads and book cover in the same colours as his hat, added some Oily Steel bits (also did his mechanical hand) and a pair of Magic Blue > 1:1 Magic Blue/Sky Blue cables.

Still need to do some ribbony bits to fully finish this section, but I need to figure out the colour of his robe first.

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      This time, I went with copper colored armor. A long time ago I wasn’t down with the big snake on his head so I chopped it off. I used paperclip and some contour putty to resculpt it here. The shield glued on to a round knob on his fist. Trying to figure out how to incorporate that unconcealable circle on the shield, I went with a simple eye motif. 
      Please let me know regarding the flaming sword. I made the flame with hot glue. I think flames are brightest/hottest at the base and fade to black smoke at the top. I’m not sure how well this paint job imitates Fire, so comments on how to improve would be greatly appreciated. 

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      Really surprised I got this one finished, he's been on my desk well past the point where I normally get fed up of looking at things, and he's not a mini I'm that interested in (I basically really like his sword scabbard).
      That he turned out okay too is just a bonus.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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      I wasn't planning on ever doing any more Work In Progress threads (The number of threads I've abandoned outnumber my finished threads by a pretty ridiculous amount at this point), but I'm trying to get back into the habit of painting every day and my brain is being a real jerk about it (he'd be a lot happier if I gave up on this whole painting nonsense and just stared mindlessly at a screen all day).
      So the idea is if I post an update a day, regardless of how much progress I've made, I'll shame myself into making sure I've done enough for a worthwhile update or something.
      Day 1 (Which was yesterday):-

      The King and his Seahorse have been undercoated, washed and I've started on the base, I got part way through applying the pumice paste before I realised I couldn't get to the middle without getting it all over the Seahorses tail/tentacles/tail-acles?
      Today I want to try and finish the base, and maybe start on the Seahorse. 
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