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Cleric of Urgathoa (60088) - multiple pieces?

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I special ordered a Cleric of Urgathoa for a customer and it came in multiple pieces.  It *looks* like this was intentional to me, but the scythe doesn't sit very well in what (I believe) is the socket.  My customer believes it's broken (and I can't definitively say it's not).  Is it supposed to be 2 pieces?  If it is, have others had issues trying to seat the scythe into the mini?  I just don't want to reorder it and end up facing the same issue...

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Looking at the picture on the website, it does appear that the scythe is in two pieces, joining together at the hand. 


You will probably need to put a little Green Stuff in the gap in order to make it appear seamless. 

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I am not sure, but looking at the reviews on Amazon, it seems they all come with this issue.


Review1: Figure arrived broken. Likely due to being shipped in an envelope. The weapon was snapped clean out of the hand. While I think some would be upset with this, I was ok with it, since my goal was to remove the weapon anyway, to attach to another figure. However, if that wasn't my plan, I'd have been really upset with this arriving broken.
She's perfect for my death cleric! She came with her scythe detached (I think for packaging purposes) so I had to glue that on along with the base.But other than that, its a nice miniature.
Nice looking model , sythe dosnt line up very well but it can be bent to wirk
Good model, with great detail, though the connection between the body and the separated scythe could have been better placed. I won't complain, it turned out well.
Edit: I took out the links and ratings and stuff from the reviews.
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Thanks.  Yeah, I was pretty sure it was 2 pieces, but it is kind of hard to tell and they definitely don't fit smooth.  I'll have to green stuff it together for him.

13 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

Checked the mini over on beta.reapermini.com and there it is listed as multipart.   

Also, on the unpainted picture, the blade points forward, but on the painted picture, it points backwards.  


Ha!  I didn't even think to check the painted ones...

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Metal minis never have a perfect fit.   

Small inaccuracies will be introduced already during the creation of the molds, and with the typical 'master -> master mold -> casting masters -> Production mold -> finished mini' there's a lot of steps that can introduce errors.    

(Hot rubber during vulcanisation process, then spinning the mold at high speed and pouring molten metal into it...  )  

And as the mold wears, it slowly gets worse. 


With some pinning that part will be sturdier than if it was a single piece... 


Also, why should it matter to your customer?

He should only care about the end result. If he's nitpicking already, you may want to start picking your customers a bit more carefully. 


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