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Rigel works on Superheroes


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Chronoscope has some splendid figures under the "Superhero"/"Supervillain" tags. How could I resist? 
50080, Zenith, is magnificently dynamic and determined. The posture would make an amazing speedster hero, but the ludicrously well-defined muscles and enormous pecs (as well as the name) hinted at something else. Not original of me, but I love the guy. I have been advised to use more washes and shading, and so it has been done!

Should I try to paint little scale-armor scales on the torso? I need to find a large round-headed thumbtack for shield purposes...

50107 is pretty obvious. A delightful sculpt! Used GW Screaming Bell, Gehenna Gold; ArtDeco Rich Espresso, AP Rough Iron. I'll put some glowing eyes on there soon and Nuln Oil the armor up. Maybe I should throw some copper or silver in there?

80058, the Wild West Wizard of Oz Lion, does not look remarkably leonine. It DOES look like our favorite Dark Horse hero with the serial numbers filed off though:

And then there's the unspeakably jacked Crosswire, 50018. This one doesn't map directly onto any one villain, but a combination of the Wrecking Crew and Bane is gonna be fun to paint. (And he'll also make a great techno-luchador!) Should I make his weird superpower drug pods (and bulging veins) Alien Goo green, or Orc Blood purple? I think I'll also put black diagonal CAUTION stripes on the yellow parts of his armor. 


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Progress! I got some leftover cotton swab bits from the cotton candy stand to make some vapor/dust clouds for Afterburn.


And Crosswire is mostly done. Got no feedback on the Evil Juice question, so went with green. Tried some half-assed OSL. 


Thought I was done with Zenith, but then remembered I had some sticky-backed bubbles that I had gotten for porthole purposes and never used: 
Some primer and a lick of paint later, et voila! (Freehand concentric circles are a huge pain in the elf.)


Now I could use some advice: should I put it on his leading arm, or the one behind him? What say you?


Aaand our WWW Lion/ No-Drama Anung-un-Rama is almost done. Might make the leather belts and holsters a darker brown, do a touch more shading.
Advice welcome.

What do y'all think I should do to improve them?


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20 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Very cool!

Thank you! It's coming along nicely, and pretty well-timed too with regard to movie releases!

So, I drunkenly slapped just a remarkable amount of Strong Tone wash, Flesh Wash, and thinned down black paint on Heckboy's coat last night. "They want washes, do they? Well I'll show them! I'll show them ALL!" was apparently the thought process. This morning I drybrushed again in a sandy color and did a final wash-and-drybrush run. Hope his coat is grimy and contrasted enough now, because I'm out of ideas. :lol: Looks like it's been through a couple of monster fights at least!


And the good Captain's shield is affixed! Might put some straps on his arm. 


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On 4/14/2019 at 11:01 PM, Corsair said:

Both look great!

Thank you!
Okay, so I love the yellow on Crosswire, but the grey cheek panels made his helmet look more Wolverine-like than I wanted. And the guy is basically construction equipment anyway. So we went with CAUTION stripes! 

And here he is with a couple of heroes, for scale. He's a big boy.


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Work thus far posted in Show Off: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86006-superheroes-50080-zenith-and-50107-afterburn-pic-heavy/



Bombshell was having a sale this month and I took advantage of some fantastic deals to pick up a 5-pack of JETPACKS! So Afterburn is very likely getting an upgrade (as will some of the pulp aeronauts and zeppelineers).

And on @Cicciopiu's tip, I took an old and horribly sticky Bones Ape-X and gave it the Simple Green treatment. Been repainting that big cyber-ape: 


And Abe Sapien has some comic books of his own, so this http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86106-speedpainting-bombshells-gillie-as-abbie-sapien/ probably belongs here too.

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    • By Rigel
      Yet a third, and thus far final, spacefuture character from Antediluvian Miniatures. He is billed as a bounty hunter and comes with two pauldron-mounted plasma cannons, but I wanted more of a blue-collar look. The industrial armor suit with its huge digging claw is amazing. The Miner is dwarf-sized, likely from a high-gravity world. 
      It's a tough life, prospecting for minerals in the asteroid belt.

      More turnaround pix:

      Especially when the ore vats start acting up.

      BUT! once in a great while you strike paydirt.

      And with the credits from a haul like that, even after the Protectorate takes its cut, you're set for a Martian year of good times! Oh yeah, it's animal protein and Ganymedean moonwine from here on out! And the FLAVORED nutrient paste, every day!

      Success breeds envy, though...keep that exosuit on.

      Featuring guest appearances from Crosswire (50018), the robot from Briony, Cybertechnician (50064), some Mantic mining terrain, the previously posted Buckland Rogers, and some Hydra Galacteers, as well as Reaper's shipping crates, soda machines, and starship generator. The rusty shed is corrugated cardstock; the bar is mostly a repurposed toy-car blister pack with some wire and gewgaws, plus the Starship Door. 
      This guy and Crosswire really would make a good pair of recurring bounty hunters/mercenaries/roughneck profiteers now that I think of it. The physical contrasts really sell them as a classic set of Those Two Guys.
    • By Rigel
      Because we need more badelf fighting ladies.

      Kev White, the sculptor, seems to have paid attention during "The First Avenger." Great uniform details. But I've already got the muscular and dynamic Zenith (50080) in that role, so I went with our neighbors to the North. The shield is, again, my addition. 

      More angles: 

      Superhero team-up time! 

      And another mission (feat. Dirk Goodspeed, 50195, and Sasquatch, 50011).

      More Squatch:


    • By lexomatic
      Quick paint spread throughout the day.

    • By lexomatic
      I had a bad day and decided to do some painting in between the terrain stuff.
      I did quick red /brown/blue liner primer coats at 920 and put stuff aside. Then did another 15-20 minutes ruddy leather on belts and boots, intense brown and oiled leather on coat, creamy ivory on shirt, red shadow and carnage red lightened with Ivory and medium. Corporea black for pants.

    • By Rigel
      What are heroes without villains to oppose them? Less exciting, that's what! So here is Crosswire, an incredibly jacked brute powered by canisters of some sinister Brute Juice! He doesn't map directly on to any character I know, but combines elements of Bane, Mr. Hyde, some members of the Wrecking Crew, the Rhino, and (due to Drug Powers) maybe the bad robocop from Robocop 2. 
      I tried to get some minor OSL coming off the Brute Juice canisters and drybrush his many bulgy veins Alien Goo green. He's a very big fellow, in the same weight class as the Clay Golem. (see http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82054-77170-clay-golem-conversion-plus-59009-female-mad-scientist/ ) Lots and lots of muscles to highlight and wash. 

      But what we all came here for is of course some wreckage and mayhem!

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