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Darcstaar vs. BONES 1: Ep. 1 - Cassie

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I have begun the best thing I can think of for myself to get through my Bones I stockpile.  I went to the Kickstarter page, took screenshots of the reward pictures, and am using it as a checklist.  I’ll be shooting for tabletop+.


First up is Cassie, gnome wizard.




Mold lines addressed, cleaned, and on a rudimentary base.




Primed with Brown Liner.

Flesh tone base is Rosy Shadow.




Then working on eyes.

Nightshade Purple and Linen White so far.

And that’s all I got done today.



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Eyes done:

Dot of Royal Purple, a line of Amethyst Purple under, and a dot of Pure White in the upper right (model’s perspective).


Reikland Flesh Shade On Skin.

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Skin layered:

Rosy Shadow, Rosy Highlight with a touch of Rosy Shadow, and then a good amount of Fair Skin mixed in for final highlight.

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Hair base: Royal Purple



Added Royal Purple lipstick and Eyebrows.  Shaded hair with mix of Royal Purple and Nightshade Purple.

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Re established Royal Purple.  Highlight with Amethyst Purple with a small amt of Royal Rurple.

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Thanks!  I’m by no means a master, especially for black hair.  But I’ve come a long way and hope it helps.

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Blue Liner on the robe.  Thinking of a raindrop motif freehand, but may scrap it due to “tabletop+.”

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