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May the 4th be with you, Doggie

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Running a kids campaign (10-11)  on may 4. 

They are taking a break from D&D 5e and playing Dungeons and Doggies 

- basically its D&D except your race is a dog breed.  you dont have thumbs, this should create problems.

communication with humans is either words - or unbelievably accurate body langue/barking  (RE: Lassie) 


I'm worried I have too much star wars flavor and not enough dog.  Would love some brainstorming help. 

I only have 3 hours to work with, as attention spans are short. 


Corgi Warlock 

Mastif Bard 

Pomeranian Monk

Chiuaua Rogue. 


Key Point: Warlocks @level 3 can create a magic sword.  Warlocks can choose a celestial patron or a devil patron. 

- good warlock spells - mage hand, disguise self, charms. 

the monk will start with a magic glowy stick that her father once owned.  It doesn't need to work as a weapon.  the player wants to punch stuff. 


Scn 1: 

In a Wreched hive of Skum and Villainy, they meet in a tavern. 

a sign on the wall reads "No human-forms allowed" 

the Old Warlock and his young monk student are trying to get an orange and white ball, (containing important secrets)  over the mountains to a friendly kingdom. 

the small rogue and his large furry companion know the way.   

Bar fight starts - rogue has the option to attack first for a sneak attack.  (or free crit if l3 assassin) 


Scn 2: 

Trying to get over the mountains they are captured by the bad guys -  (not sure what these are) 

as they get ready to escape the BG fortress,  they find out that an entire village of humans is being held captive.

they have to sneak around bad guy fortress in disguise  (bard & warlock can have disguise self spells, assassins get a disguise kit) 


- im thinking the bad guy fortress has to have dogs then, and that they use scent as a disguise, but this needs work....

perhaps cats in armor? 

gnolls with hyena guards?   

goblins (BG in original D&D campaign) with wolves?  

just wolves? 


Scn 3

the black-clad warlock running the fortress attacks them to stop them. 

since this is only the first & only story, he doesn't have to be related or survive.

they can also team up on him to beat him, or sacrifice one person while the others escape with all the prisoners.



The framing tale is that a village elder is telling the original PCs an old legend about awakened dogs that saved the village. 

awakened animals are currently unknown, but they may have been more common in the past. 

the original campaign has 3 dogs, one of which is an unrevealed warlock

---- after coming up with this idea he now has a higher chance of being evil. 

They have been clearing out goblins near the village. 


- new thought, if the dogs don't save the villagers, the PCs wake up in a ruin.  the storyteller never existed.  



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