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Hellion Witches


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This is a great set of pewter miniature witches that fit well in any 28mm heroic to 32mm fantasy miniature range. The witches are done in a pin up style with plenty of personality, and are ready cast their spells and curses on the gaming table. 


As soon as the campaign ends production and delivery of the miniatures will commence. The goal is to have the miniatures in your hands within a month of the campaign ending.

Picture is to show witch miniature scale comparison between two REAPER miniatures. Picture is to show witch miniature scale comparison between two REAPER miniatures.

Risks and challenges

Little risk other than small mail delivery delays from the postal services. The miniatures are ready to be cast.



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On 4/11/2019 at 11:27 AM, Cyradis said:

This is the guy that did a tiny run of a goblin king and minions set a year and a half ago or so. This time it is scantily clad semi-modern witch women. Figured I'd put it up in case people are interested! 



I wish I'd gotten in on that one, heard lots of good things. He certainly has style

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And found the box in my mailbox today. 

All the minis were in a large zip-lock bag, wrapped in a piece of bubblewrap, put in a sturdy cardboard box, and the remaining space filled with packing peanuts. 


Pretty decent packaging, but one of the witches is holding an open book, and that's cast separately. That should have been bagged with the mini it belongs to. Just a minor annoyance. 


A minus for putting $20 as value on the customs form, though. 


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