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That's a Mighty Fine Coat

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Nice paint job. I like that greyish/greenish blue a lot. And sometimes it is nice to have and put down a mini with colors you do not use all the time. I think the coat looks good. I think the reddish brown is the right complement (triad, and do not quote me, I just like playing with color wheels and cool one's that were recently found and some pointed out on this forum) to that blue.


I am going say this, and will likely seem odd - but when I look at the picture, all I see is the hat band. I think if that was shadowed/toned to more of the coat shadows, it would look more balanced. It may be the image. Also, not sure what your doing with the head or base, but maybe you could work some of that blue into those to pull it together.


..my two cents - regardless, nice painting...

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I don't think it's odd the hat band draws the eye to it.  The black hat is getting lost in the background and the band and the face are the things that stand out the most to me. Using a lighter colored backdrop might help to make the rest of the model stand out more.

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