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New Cloud giant for upcoming Reaper mystery project

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On 4/15/2019 at 7:18 AM, redambrosia said:
On 4/15/2019 at 1:18 AM, Glitterwolf said:

What is that weapon supposed to be and what is it capable of?

It's a fancy club. Probably capable of spluching your enemies, but I'd have to ask Hubby about the stats he'd give it.

So it's a tater masher .. for all subsets of taters that include adventurers..

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Wow, the new sculpt is cool.


I recently finished painting the original, and I spent the whole time imagining the club was a perky animated talking weapon that was always super-excited to meet new people and kept trying to have getting-to-know you conversations with Yephima's opponents in the middle of combat.


"Oh hi, what's your name?" clang


"Wow, sorry, didn't mean to do that.  Maybe we can have coffee later and chat?  Whoops, watch out, here I come!"  thump


"Oh my god I love that shield by the way.  So cool!  Is that your own coat of arms or are you in somebody's retinue?"  crunch


"Aww.  He done splatted.  Oh look, somebody else!  Hi, new friend!  What's your name?"

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Much improved, to my view.


Most of the criticism on Yephima in the original Kickstarter was focused less on the sexiness, and more on the passiveness. Taken as a one-off, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Yephima. She's a great model with a cool pose and a lot of personality. It was only when you saw her in the context of all three sets of giants in Bones I that the issue emerged.


With the Frost Giants, you had Boeregg in a threatening pose, yelling at someone with his fist raised and his weapon ready to come down on someone. Meanwhile, Svetlana had her weapon lowered in a relaxed, almost shrugging pose. 


With the Fire Giants, you had Skorg with his sword up and his fist back as if gearing up to swing at someone. Vanja, on the other hand, has her spear behind her back, looking almost bored.


With the new giants, you had the Storm Giant in mid-charge, and Yephima... looking down at someone with an amused pose on her face.


Now, none of these are bad on their own. The Frost and Fire Giantesses have their own personalities. Passive poses can be fun, and not every mini needs to be in mid-melee. But when you have all three in front of you, you get this trend of males in active poses. They're doing things. The females are in passive poses. They're waiting for things to happen. And that's a common trend in fantasy art. Men are more likely to be in action poses, doing cool stuff, while women are more likely to be standing around as passive observers, without agency. It's not universal. And you're seeing less of that trend these days, with more art with women doing cool stuff of their own. But that's why Yephima, despite being an absolutely rad sculpt on her own, wasn't welcomed as warmly as she might have been.


The new pose looks a lot more active. She's not in mid-action, but her foot on the column gives a sense of movement, and her weapon is ready in her hand. She's at least looking ready for action, which helps her fit in nicely with other newer giants like the frost and fire giant bodyguards.

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I really like the new sculpt.  She's still got a surveying pose but seems more aggressive about it.

I never disliked the original, but her pose, like the other female Giants, was rather passive.  She was also out of scale immediately upon release; Cloud Giants were Huge even back then and she was tiny even with the smaller Bones 1 Frost and Fire Giants.

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