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So I used to paint a ton, but that was maybe 10 years ago. I just started getting back into the hobby and I've run into an issue. 
Reaper used to make metal bases that were recessed. I know they sold them in square, maybe 1" or so. I'm pretty confident that they also sold them in round, but I'm not 100% on that.

Now I've been working on a mini project and the base that comes with the figure is abysmal. I was really hoping I could just clip the fig off the existing base and with the help of a little green stuff put it on a new metal base. I really prefer the feel and weight that a metal base would add to the figure.


It appears now that Reaper isn't selling those bases anymore. Does anyone know where I could either find some old inventory and pick up a handful of them, or does anyone know of another source that makes a similar product?

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They’re not recessed, but I use metal fender washers.  They come in inch-based increments, and have the benefit of being magnetic.  

 There are also precut steel square/rectangle bases available from various suppliers, though again, not recessed.

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how recessed are we talking? Most of the bases reaper has have a slight recess or (using the ones that have come in the kickstarters) you could turn certain bases upside down and use the recess area that way. Either way, you could give them weight (like I do) with fender washers or pennies (if it's a tiny base) glued to the bottom.

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They weren't that recessed from what I remember, maybe a 3mm or so. Just enough that I could get some green stuff and basing material inside and have it still look nice and clean as if they're standing on whatever surface rather than hovering above the base.

The recessed factor I could let go, I just really want metal bases.

I like the idea of gluing a washer to the bottom of a plastic base if it comes down to it. I just was hoping I wouldn't have to revert to a hacked solution.

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Most likely these were the Warlord bases. Various online retailers still carry some stock but I do believe Reaper put them out to pasture when they made the bases plastic or at least when they introduced the various plastic bases.

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I recall those as well.  After some google-fu to statisfy my curiousity, the sku for these bases are early in the 74000 series.  74006 was the sku for SMOOTH BASE SQUARE 1 INCH 4 IN PACK according to my pdf of casketworks 19.  74007 was a 1x2in base with a similar recess.  74005 and 74005 if hex is more your flavor.  Those are long discontinued though.


I came across a listing on ebay.ca, but they're looking very, very scarce.

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@mikem91 Thanks for looking that up. You're probably right about those being warlord bases. At the time I was part of the Black Lightning team and I was demoing Warlord and running "Paint and Takes".

My google-fu hadn't been strong enough. The only things I'd found were some truly ancient pieces from the Dark Heaven line that were just flat squares with a slit, without the recess.

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      So, I’m going to share how it’s going for me.
      I started with washed and dried 1” and 2” Reaper Bases.
      I put this garbage on a 2 inch base first.

      Don’t buy it.  I got it at Hobby Lobby at the time because they were out of Folk Art.
      To be clear, this is Crackle Medium.
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      1 inch

      2 inch.
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      This is a 1” base with a thin layer of PVA glue.

      This is a 1” base with just hitting it with 220 grit sandpaper and washing it again.
      I also used the 2” base with dried crackle medium on it.  Not pictured.

      This is a 2” base covered in black brush on primer.

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