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Hi all, I've been lurking here for a while, I thought I'd post up some work - I'm hoping to get some feedback. I've been working on a set of adventurer models - first one here is a cleric, the paints

Sorceress sculpt, another from my set of 8 adventurers that I've recently completed. 

The Hill Giant #1    The Hill Giant #2 The Hill Giant #3

Posted Images

Yup, you could be right! The feet look a little small. I need to pay better attention to hands/feet! I'll take another look at them.


@CorsairShe -is- looking to knock that dragon/demon/yeti (....big creature) into the bleachers and beyond. 

I'm going to try another painted version of the fighter with the medusa shield. I want to see how  brighter one turns out. 

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I really like these.. 


It might be the fact that I only have one properly working eye at the moment, but the legs on the Cleric and Medusa warrior look short compared to the torso.  The other figures look good, and I'm wondering if it's just something about where the hip point is on the pose of those two miniatures and how it draw the focus.  It doesn't take away from either sculpt, it just looks proportionally off to me.  


Now, it's entirely possible to have short legs and a long torso, I'm 6' and my inseam is only 30".   

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Fantastic!  Keep going; you'll have a whole town eventually.


One note on making them feel more realistic; vary the width of the boards that make up the wooden objects more.  It is especially noticeable in the tops of the barrels.  Also the staves of the barrels are very wide, usually barrels are made from many thin boards.


I love this set.  Well done.

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