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On 6/4/2020 at 1:24 AM, MedusaMiniatures said:

Hi Strawhat, please don't hate to ask! I do post my work up here hoping for feedback, and comments along the lines of "hmmmm...that looks a bit weird"  is  -actually-  very helpful.  It was a difficult pose, I was trying for a moment of surprise. ....Maybe I will do a second pose for this set! 


You already turned the scabbard for the scimitar to the right direction.

Now consider the angle from which someone draws a sword, especially a curved one like a scimitar.

I think it faces to the right direction, but it the scabbard needs also to be turned up side down.


As it is now one has to draw the sword in a downward movement, more difficult and not really handy, while if the curve is facing downward, the movement will be drawing upwards, easier to do and the sword is immediately being held in the right position to fight with.

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Hi all, I've been lurking here for a while, I thought I'd post up some work - I'm hoping to get some feedback. I've been working on a set of adventurer models - first one here is a cleric, the paints

Sorceress sculpt, another from my set of 8 adventurers that I've recently completed. 

The Hill Giant #1    The Hill Giant #2 The Hill Giant #3

Posted Images

I share Glitter's opinion! I was looking at the sculpts and was wondering how that giant would (with style) put his sword away. I imagined him standing there, just having won a nice fight being applauded by a crowd, then fumbling at all ends trying to sheathe his sword, popping a sweat realising the show he's putting on, with the applause turning to a slow clap.


I can say I chuckled imaging it. But that's not the point here, it does seem abit tough to put the weapon away in this pose.


Edit: I guess my view comes from the length of his arms and the position of the scabbard, not nececarily if it's upwards or downwards. If he would have a stretched arm, would it be enough to sheathe that sword at the location of the scabard right now?


Edit2: Aye. Glitter is right still. Reviewed again with a fresh view. He's holding the curved side of the blade as you should, which means his fist will have the right position to slide it in if you flip the scabbard upside down. Otherwise he'd have to turn the sword, providing slap-stick moments for a crowd =)


OFF COURSE next to that they look great! I'll have to inform my buddy with the 3d printer when your kickstarter comes out ;) 

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On 6/5/2020 at 10:46 PM, MedusaMiniatures said:

Hi Glitterwolf - Thanks for the reply -  I was thinking that the draw would be done with the elbow lower than the fist (if that makes sense) 2nd opinion anyone!?  :)


One thing, I can't sculpt for the World aside from a pretty convincing pebble...I just see something that read as "off" to me and I try to help.

Not a Pro though.


Still think considering the motion of drawing a sword that it should be turned the other way.


That said, I have no use for the normal Giants, but I do have a Desert Project going on and those Arab looking ones are very cool.

Will be keeping an eye out for your KS, I hope one can either choose a few add ons or that the Arab ones are in their own set..

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On 7/14/2020 at 2:51 PM, MedusaMiniatures said:

My cat barfed on my concept drawing for my next Fire Giant. Everyone's a critic....


Probably a Frost Giant fan.........:lol:


Great work on all of these. All be there, if you decide to KS these as well.

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Just saw this thread.

Lovely work.

Didn’t see a final resolution to the cloud giant scabbard question, so I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in.  I have seen Tulwar scabbards depicted with the concavity pointing up.  Viable as the two opinions mentioned.  However, Samurai wear their scabbards with the concavity pointing down, so also viable as most recently depicted by the sculptor.

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