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Thanks Aussie Ausborn & Rainbow Sculptor, it means a lot to me to hear that.  Now I've sculpted 15 giants  (phew!) and am thinking about what to do next!!


I'm thinking about doing a goblin mine diorama. Or for more big 'uns there is Titans & Cyclops & Ettins ....or maybe some 1940's style pinup models for Halloween!  Thoughts anyone!?


Here's no. 3  - Storm Giant King. 



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Hi all, I've been lurking here for a while, I thought I'd post up some work - I'm hoping to get some feedback. I've been working on a set of adventurer models - first one here is a cleric, the paints

Sorceress sculpt, another from my set of 8 adventurers that I've recently completed. 

The Hill Giant #1    The Hill Giant #2 The Hill Giant #3

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On 6/3/2020 at 5:39 PM, MedusaMiniatures said:

the Scabbard flip meant the arms had to be reposed which is fine!  That set is all done, probably will kick off a kickstarter on Tuesday. Here's the full set for cloud giants. 



Next I'm goiing to try and tackle the fire giants. I've been struggling to design them in 2d, so for the first time I'm trying some throw away concept sculpts. These took about 45 minutes  each. I'm going to try doing a few more.   First one is a fire giant Blacksmith. 



Wish I had seen this when it was live. I need that stove. 



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or orcish...? Goblins will be soon too I promise! Inspired by old school citadel & grenadier, minis plus the pig-things in darkest dungeon:  This set of parts is for orcish rabble. here are the first tests. I'm posing by hand - I thought about setting 3d rigs up for posing, but it is too much effort for results that still need  much editing.





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