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Maledrakh's 77512 Flesh Golem

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The second of the day's random bones is the Flesh Golem from the third kickstarter.


reaper-bones-3-77512-flesh-golem-1.jpg?w reaper-bones-3-77512-flesh-golem-2.jpg?w reaper-bones-3-77512-flesh-golem-6.jpg?w reaper-bones-3-77512-flesh-golem-5.jpg?w reaper-bones-3-77512-flesh-golem-3.jpg?w reaper-bones-3-77512-flesh-golem-4.jpg?w

Basically your Frankenstein's Monster. There was a flesh golem in the first kickstarter as well, but this one is larger, fatter and he has got technological bits sticking out here and there.

I painted the different parts in several distinct fleshtones, but the subsequent wash with Druuchi Violet and Athonian Camoshade evened out the colour significantly more than I expected. The purple seams I painstakingly painted in more or less dissappeared! The ripped pants started out dark blue green, but ended up dark brown.

Apart from the drying time I spent maybe half an hour on this mini.




Frankenstein's Ogre!



77512: Flesh Golem

From the third Bones kickstarter, 2015

Stoneskull expansion

Reaper Miniatures

sculpted by Julie Guthrie

Bonesium PVC

40mm base.

available from reapermini.com


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Nice - I can see the different tones, taken over by the necrotic ickiness. Good touch putting him on such a spring like nature base - love the juxtiposition!

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