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16 hours ago, Mutilatedlips said:

Wow, really liking the oxidization on the robot and the basing on the vultures.

The basing is just a bunch of small rocks I have from a home decor bag, and they’re mixed in with a matte sculpting paste you can buy at any store like Hobby Lobby! I’m all about best results for the least amount :lol:

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    • By Savage Coyote
      Just finished up a 1/56th scale M18 Hellcat from Warlord Games.  First time to do a "realistic" vehicle and had a blast!

    • By odinsgrandson
      One of the minis that first got me into gaming was the old Lord of Change.
      This was a good while back- in those days, a Lord of Change was mounted on a square 40mm base, and wasn’t much larger than the ogres of the day and they fit into a blister pack.
      The new Lord of Change may very well be the best mini Games Workshop has in its lineup. A very fine piece indeed, and I’m happy that I’ve gotten to paint it a few times now.
      Here are two of them (for the same force).

    • By Jessie
      Painted up my vrocks / vulture demons for possible use in the campaign we are in (and they make good stand ins for large bird things). I was pretty negligent when it came to cleaning up the flashing, and it's pretty intense, but since these are only monsters for table top I did not care enough to fix it. Used Viva crackle medium on the bases.



    • By Sanael
      So, those of you who have paid any attention to Kickstarter in the past three years know that Brett Zeleznik and his Fractured Dimensions line of true-to-old-school-D&D demons and devils went pretty pear-shaped, but they did eventually deliver and most of the line is now available through Mortal Arrow.
      I backed the KS for one reason: the Vrock. I saw the sculpt for this sucker and fell in love. As long as I was picking that up, I got a few other things, including the Nalfeshnee.
      Sorry...these are Old Skool. These are the Type I and Type IV demons.
      Vrock/Type I:

      Nalfeshnee/Type IV:

      Relatively quick paint jobs, getting back into the swing. I'm pretty happy with the Vrock's wings...both minis could do with some more blending.
      C&C always welcome.
    • By Melkavar
      So, to go along with the creepy, creepy Worm that Walks that I'm putting the finishing touches on, I'm also painting up some demons for the Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder adventure path that I'm currently GM-ing. I've actually got 4 to paint up, but one has some *ahem* naughty bits (Virina, Female Demon # 77067) so I'll not be showing it in this WIP. I may do an off-site link showoff of that one when it's done.
      Balor is (mostly) base coated. Pictures, as usual, reveal hard-to-notice flaws.
      Vrock has been bathed and boiling-water dipped and is currently drying.
      Babau is about 3/4 done I think.


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