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Gnome Bard

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Working on a bard for the group. Was using a gnome thief, so got another of the same and started to cut away. Hope y’all enjoy. A3D095CB-5DF3-494D-B6C7-D094B5A219D8.thumb.jpeg.de8bac89ae9eba4061b440caefec1a2a.jpeg8E333BD3-5AB1-4941-B836-70B9F153E954.thumb.jpeg.257a60b1bc6c14f6fba55c77da613ca4.jpeg7F64DCC3-C14C-4DE5-8FD0-08C74AD06BBF.thumb.jpeg.9f140874007fb7a8abb7fdb59225fff3.jpegF05FFFA0-5208-47FA-AE78-717506DC30BD.thumb.jpeg.138230c4165af625b64ec2483715a442.jpeg

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