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Community Painting Adventure: Bones Sophie (Officially Unofficial WIP Thread)


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This thread is shamelessly ripping off a wonderful idea from our goblin friend @buglips*the*goblin from this thread way back around Bones KS1 days.


The intent of this thread is to have lots of people post WIP shots of their Bones Sophie paint jobs. Here are the minis to pick from (SKUs to be updated here soon):


From Left to Right: KS2 Trollslayer Sophie 77370, KS3 Sophie the Sage 77491, KS4 Innkeeper Sophie, KS4 Small World Sophie, Sir Forscale

(Note that Sir Forscale is just that, for scale. He is not part of this for WIP purposes.)



There is no time limit or set starting date. If you come across this thread long after I have posted it and want to join, feel free.


Quick ground rules:

1. Only Bones Sophie is allowed. There are four of them (unless I somehow missed one).


2. Try to limit yourself to a few posts a day, though. No reason to flood this thread too much. (Unless this doesn't pick up interest and it is just me, lol).


3. Watch the side conversations. Ideally this is primarily WIP pics and some direct conversation to help encourage or guide the painters.


4. If this picks up lots of interest, we will use one Show Off thread as to not overwhelm that thread too badly.


5. Play nice. This is meant to encourage people to paint. I am hoping we get painters of all levels of ability. Encourage people to join in. The more the merrier.


Feel free to PM me with questions or concerns. I will try to update this thread with any clarifications or whatnot.


Alright, now let's get this party started!

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Added store links for KS2&3 Sophies
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Top Posters In This Topic

I have gone through and dealt with the mold lines quickly (definitely not a perfect job). I have to say that the Bones 4 models were much easier to do so and had less work to do. (No pics of this, as everything looked about the same for WIP purposes)


Then I went and black primed with Brown Liner.



Then I sprayed some Pure White to bring out the details and give me a quick guide for highlights. 



That is ot for tonight for me. I am proud of getting paint on some Bones 4 minis already, though.


Hopefully this thread catches on and other people join in.

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I have a Sage in progress, will get a photo...soon. 


This is Innkeeper Sophie, the metal version I did recently, I am only posting it for inspiration. :) 




There's a Trollslayer Sophie I did, somewhere in Show-Off, too. 


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After Friday, I'll only be missing Sophie Sage in bones  -- I have 9 of her in metal that all need painting at some point ( including doubles of 2011 and 2017 RCon versions)  With the enormous backlog I've got (that's going to triple on Friday), I honestly can't justify buying Sophie the Sage, even if she's only $3.99..

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Tanned Shadow to build up from and Brown Liner for the darks of the eyes.20190417_223322.thumb.jpg.1374018e3440094e7168b26886defa70.jpg


Three of them got Linen White and Brown Liner for the eyes.



The other added in some Succubus Kiss  (seemed fitting) and Pure White for the catch



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