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Warchief Mumlak

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Since I am doing heavy greenstuff work on him, figured I would share the progress 


i love the model, other than how bald he is. So I decided to make my wooly mammoth actually wooly, and am sculpting thick fur over his bald skin



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He is a big boy


alright i think i'm happy, he looks suitably woolly now. Still deciding on a color scheme, i know whatever i do he will have a darker back than front, and mummified remains suggest browns and blondes and even ginger for common colors for mammoths, so there's plenty to choose from.  (granted, some think these colors are just the tint from being in the ground)


a BBC research suggests that mammoths had two genes like mammals today that control coat color, and would either have had dark coats of brown or black, or light coats of blonde or ginger. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/5154892.stm


Spoiler for those curious about the mummies



Yuka, a baby mammoth, is a two-toned strawberry blonde 



the Berezovka mammoth has more brown-blonde fur








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The Willendorf Venus adze is a lovely touch! 

I like the rusty-blondish color idea, though musk ox brown would also be nice.

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