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Loke Battle Mat's The Dungeon

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I've heard good things on this board about Loke's previous battle mats campaign, and I like the art a little better on this one. This is their fifth KS.


It's a set of *two* 30-page books that you can align as you wish, for about under $40, including shipping, to USA. Each page is wipe-clean.


"Each Book is 1-foot square (12” by 12”), so a one page RPG mat is 1’x1’ (you can use individual pages thanks to the 360° spine which allows the book to fold in half). Open the Book out to a 2 page spread and you have a 2’x1’ playing area (the 360° spine allows the book to lay dead flat). Open two books and they sit flush next to each other (you can even adjust the heights to match again thanks to the 360° spine) and you have a 2’x2’ playing area. Or you can form a 4’x1’. Or you can line them up any way you like! The flexibility of this system is unparalleled!


"The Dungeon is a standalone set, it is also fully compatible with our existing books so you can use them together.


"Yes the pages in each book are different. For the more themed rooms we are doing 4 linked pages (2 per book) of each. Obviously everything lines up with everything anyway so you can transition through however you want but we want to make sure for example that you can get a full spread from "the library". Hope this helps!







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Backed the first one, quality is nice and we're using the books regularly.

This one seems less useful to me, as it's "just" dungeons, not all kinds of situation. Of the pre-printed maps I have, I use dungeon maps the least. Somehow I always end up drawing them up myself, because the rooms don't line up with the ones in my head.

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That's definitely true. I figure these maps can also be used for Song of Gold and Darkness or other dungeoncrawl boardgames and skirmish games.


The above pages look good for a map of a section of town. Throw down all that Mantic Terrain crate furnishings!


Also, I've seen DM's use 2D game tiles with battle maps to modify them!

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I literally just finished backing a campaign for a map book, though I like variety and am tempted to back this one since they're fun successful KS's per your original post. I'll definitely scope this one out.


*I backed :lol:

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I added on the Giant Book of maps to go with it. Between these two books, and the other book I've ordered I should be set!! I can absolutely use some of the Dirt Cheap Dungeon tiles, and my Frontline Games Stones tiles to spruce it all up and make some fun battles. 

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More unlocks and a new Little Book of Dungeons!


The Little Book is 6" on a side. When folded out, it measures 12", so fits next to the 12" Dungeon Tile. It can be purchased as an add-on.


It's also *free* :wow: with the new Double Dungeon pledge. Twice the price as the Dungeon pledge, but you get the Little Book and *no* increase in shipping!


"Now lets talk about the Little Book of Battle Mats - Dungeon Edition. This is a BRAND NEW book, fully laminated, of corridors, dead end rooms, bridges and entrances to compliment the Dungeon. This will be the same style as our existing library - laminated with 360° spine - and will give you even more options for creating your own dungeon! The size will be approx 6"x6". So suddenly that doorway leads to an intriguing chamber!


"The Little Book of Battle Mats - Dungeon Edition - will have an estimated RRP of £9.99.


"More details on the Little Book will follow this week including sample designs, page numbers and some mock up shots of how it will look in action, I am pleased to confirm the postage rates we have listed will not increase at all regardless of pledge level or add ons. We will be covering the additional shipping costs. 



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Back of the Little Book of Battle Mats.


All of their books (eg. Dungeon, Big, Giant) except Little have a 12" side, so integrate with each other. Little has a 6" spiral spine, so can be 12" as a double-page spread.


"The Little Book of Battle Mats - Dungeon Edition - is a 40 page 6"x6" wire bound, fully laminated book of battle maps. It will be available as an add on for £9 in the Backerkit phase of this Kickstarter, and we have included it in our new Double Dungeon pledge.







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I feel like this campaign could be growing so much larger if the creator had more maps to add as stretch goals. The hard cover, slip case and more flat tokens are good, I guess. I guess they’re out of ideas.

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