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First Try at Converion

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I enjoy painting, but I've always been hesitant to convert mini's into something new. The whole green stuff sculpting thing is not in my wheel house. My kids want me to take them on a D&D adventure and I needed (wanted) a Nothic figure. There seems to be a lack of good figures available, so I decided to make my own. I started with the Reaper 77028 Gargoyle in plastic. I liked the pose and the shape of the figure. (side note, the plastic is really soft, great for cutting but the wings were twisted out of the package and I don't know how I would fix that if I was using the mini as a winged gargoyle). To convert the figure, I kept it real simple (sorry for the bad lighting on pics)




Took Reaper 77028 Gargoyle out of the package. Clipped the wings. Cut off the eyes. Drilled and pinned the back and face




Did my green stuff sculpting. took about five tries with the eye and I still don't like it

let the green stuff dry and did some shaping with knife, files, and spruce nippers




Finished with part I like best, painting.

This turned out to be pretty fun and not as difficult as I thought.

This is not a "How To" post, it's more of a "You Can Do It" post

For $5 in material (including figure) and a couple hours over three days - I have a Nothic

Anyone out there hesitant to try - just go for it


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Welcome to the Forum!


Great conversion, you nailed it!


As for the wings being out of shape, this material is called Bones.

If you put it in hot water, take it out and bend the warped part into the right shape, then put it in ice cold water, it will usually fix the problem.

Just so you know should you encounter another warped part on a Bones mini.


That being said, I'm actually happy you didn't know how to fix the wings, because we wouldn't have seen this awesome Nothic then!

Good job!

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