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Zink's Burning Light campaign


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I really like Rangers of Shadowdeep so I'm going to try and do AARs for the campaign we are running right now. Trying to get better about taking pictures but that's still a work in progress. We started tonight and I took a few pics and kept some rough notes to help me make a better write up. This is a longer mission which can be up to 9 scenarios (battles) long. Lighting in my basement is lousy for photos but I'll see what I can do.


Another ranger traveled near the convent of St Emillia and noticed that it appeared to have been sacked. This convent was famous for it's healing arts and a magic item, the decanter of St. Emilia. Our superiors have decided to send our group to recover the decanter if possible as it would be a valuable asset in the war we are losing. After a weeks travel through enemy occupied territory we arrive at the gates of the convent. A quick scout reveals that we can enter through three different points, the main gatehouse, a hole into the courtyard or through the ruined walls of the chapel. My partner rangers elected to try the gatehouse as their strategy generally runs to "hey diddle, diddle straight up the middle". 


The approach to the gates. L-R Seb, Merengorath, Nameless, Ardella, Rognvald, Harry, Nicolan, Danny and Jeff.



As we enter the gatehouse Merengoth and his bloodhound (who for some reason looks like a massive warhound ::P:) make a tracking roll and hear an ogre in the far corner of the room to the right. A ghoul is also spotted nearby to our left. The starting setup before the ogre's and ghoul's position were determined.




The ghoul is spotted.



More to come...



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First turn. Danny heads up the right of the main room. Merengorath makes another amazing one shot kill on the ghoul. He tends to either do that or no damage at all. Rognvald not realising how tough ogres really are leaves Danny and his companions to handle it and goes to check out the door on the left. The ogre moves to the broken doorway between the rooms. Jeff and Nicolan move up to flank Danny. Seb and Nameless head up the table to check out the hanging bodies. Ardella takes a shot and wounds the ogre. Suddenly an animated chain springs out of the ground wrapping itself around Nicolan pinning him to the ground.




Turn 2. Danny stays in place to help free Nicolan, Merengorath misses a shot at the ogre. Rognvald moves to the door and busts it open revealing a treasure token and 4 ghouls in the corners. The ogre charges Jeff to no effect. The four ghouls scramble towards Rognvald in the doorway. Nicolan attempts to break free but can't even with Danny's help. Jeff fights with the ogre and is hurt slightly. Seb and Nameless run towards the center body. Ardella runs to take cover and support Rognvald while Harry moves up to help block the door just opened. An  ogre comes in through the far door.





Turn 3. Danny attacks the ogre wounding it badly. Merengorath moves forward and misses a shot at the new ogre. Rognvald stands his ground at the doorway and throws a knife wounding a ghoul. The first ogre hacks poor Jeff into the ground knocking him out. The second ogre charges Nameless and grinds him into the dirt easily. The ghouls move into the doorway but only two have enough room to attack. Rognvald kills the one facing him while Harry takes a small wound. One of the corpses laying on the floor turns out to be a zombie and stands up in the top right hand corner of the main room.




Turn 4 Danny nearly kills the first ogre. Merengorath kills the zombie from long range and Rognvald kills the ghoul fighting Harry. The second ogre attacks Seb and is chopped badly by him. Two ghouls move up and engage Harry and Rognvald. Nicolan still can't break free of the chains holding him. Ardella charges the ogre and is knocked out. Harry wounds the ghouls facing him and Rognvald kills the other. Seb takes down the ogre next to him. A sudden earthquake shakes the convent causing several of the heroes to stumble and lose 1 of their activations for the next turn. After this I got bad at taking photos.


Turn 5. Danny finishes off the ogre and moves towards the body on the far right. Merengorath moves towards the center body. Rognvald kills the last ghoul. For a moment the gatehouse is clear of monsters. Nicolan moves towards the treasure in the far right corner. Harry moves towards the treasue in the far left. Seb moves to the body on the left. A zombie wakes up in the far right corner of the main room.


Turn 6. Danny searches the far right body discovering a note. Most of it is unreadable but he sees "we have buried it in soft earth." Merengorath drops the zombie and moves next to the center body. Rognvald moves next to the far right body. No monsters left again. Nicolan and Harry grab their treasures. What they are is determined after the game. Seb searches the far right body but finds nothing. A swarm of stinging insects flies off the corpses and causes a couple of the heroes to lose half their activations next turn.


Turn 7. Danny moves next to the center body. Merengorath searches the body failing a perception roll and is attacked by a zombie. Rognvald stands still. The zombie attacks Merengorath and gets badly hurt. Seb stands still while Nicolan and Harry move to return to the group. And this is where I should have had 2 special cards added to the random events deck. I forgot about them until after the game. They weren't anything serious.




Turn 8 Danny and Merengorath kill the last zombie and as all the points of interest were searched and random events cards finished (or forgotten) we called it a game.


After the battle we took time to tend to the wounded and fallen. Everybody was ok except Jeff who took some permanent wounds reducing his total health from now on. In this mission there is only a short period of time between scenarios so heroes can't fully heal. They will regain either 3 health or go back to 50% depending on which is higher. They are also allowed to use and left over healing spells or potions. Once that is done characters with a survival skill can make a roll to heal up 2 more health on someone. All in all we are in not bad shape with a couple heroes down a wound and Rognvald down 4. He used his healing on the weaker and more badly injured. The magic items found were a philtre of fairy dust (makes any weapon magically for the scenario) and a cloak of invisibility (2 uses, monsters ignore the wearer for a turn). 


From the gatehouse we can move into either the courtyard or chapel. We decided to try the courtyard because it opens up the possibility of moving almost everywhere in the convent. Next scenario looks like this.




4 skeletons and 2 skeleton knights on the map. They are actually quite weak in comparison to other monsters but it looks like we'll be facing a lot of them. To be played and continued hopefully tomorrow...

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Glad you liked it. Gives me some encouragement to keep it up. We played the second scenario late this afternoon. I'll try to do the write up while it's still fresh in my mind but I think I'm taking better notes.

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Guess that's a problem with not having played it yet. I kind of like how the clues are dependent on the skill rolls made in game. I read everything back when but don't know where the decanter is located because I deliberately didn't memorize what notes belong to what areas. I'm letting the boys make the decisions anyhow. So far they've been agreeing on what to do. I only step in for tie breakers. You should be ok with reading this one because I don't know if the main clue is accurate or not. The next scenario gave us conflicting info. Joe probably did it that way to keep us guessing until the end. I wonder if I should hold back what the clues are that we learn to not give anything away? Unless we really get beat up we'll fight all the battles. So the big reveal won't be until the last battle.

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I need to go watch some more of his videos. I haven't been keeping up with them lately.


Out of curiosity I read all the possible things that we could have learned from the one point of interest in the last battle. There's a fair bit of difference depending on how good the player rolled for perception. Not sure how significant that will end up being but it's got me thinking it'll be best to keep the clue results out of my reports. For the last battle I can just skip saying  where we search and just say whether or not we find it. 

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On to the battle. 

Turn 1 Danny and Rognvald move towards the middle of the table. Merengorath kills one skeleton with his bow. All the skeletons and knights move towards the heroes. The two closest attack Danny and Rognvald and get crushed. Ardella kills the last skeleton while the companions move up. Skellies in Frostgrave/Shadowdeep are pretty weak. The heroes get all tingly and the evil troops gain +1 fight for the next turn.




Turn 2 Danny moves up and searches the fountain. Rognvald moves towards the left hut carefully staying out of charge range of the skeleton knight. Merengorath misses a shot at the other skeleton knight. The knights move closer. Seb and Nameless head towards the right hut. Jeff, Nicolan and Harry move up in line with Danny and Rognvald.  Ardella misses her shot. Another skeleton knight and 2 skeletons come in from the top right hand corner.




Turn 3 Rognvald slaughters one of the skeleton knights. Danny makes a run for the clue in the far left corner. Merengorath misses another shot. Looking at the photos I think we forgot to move the skeleton knight in the right order. It's a new change for us not moving most of the heroes before the monsters. Ardella kills the skeleton knight near Seb. Seb and Nameless move to the right hut while Nicolan tries to break down the left hut's door. He failed so Harry runs over and picks the lock instead. Two zombies crawl out of the fountain while the skeleton group moves closer.




Turn 4 Danny runs to the far clue marker but doesn't have a chance to read it. Merengorath moves up and kills a skeleton. Rognvald wounds one of the zombies. The second zombie hits Rognvald doing serious damage but he uses his parry skill to avoid it. Then he kills the first zombie. The skeleton knight hurts Seb and he counters killing his attacker. Nameless kills the remaining skeleton. Harry opens the door revealing a warhound chained inside. Nicolan trys to make friends with the dog but he runs away as soon as he is unchained. Ardella moves up. Nicolan heads towards the writing Danny found because he has a better reading skill. A heavy fog rolls in reducing line of sight to only 8".




Turn 5 Danny heads towards the cart to check it out. Merengorath moves up and Rognvald gets hurt by the zombie. On the zombies activation neither does any damage. Nicolan reads some writing scrawled on the wall. Seb busts down the door and finds an extra hand weapon. Harry runs to help Rognvald. Nameless moves to the cart. A tortured soul appears over the cart as he approaches.





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Turn 6 Danny convinces the tortured soul to leave this plane and give us a big xp bonus. Rognvald is wounded by the zombie putting him is serious condition. Merengorath rushes to his aid and kills the zombie. Everyone else moves towards the center of the far wall. 2 skeleton knights appear in the corner near Danny.




Turn 7 Danny quickly searches the cart finding a healing potion and retreats towards his friends. Merengorath and Rognvald move up. One skeleton knight wounds Seb while the other is killed by Seb. Ardella, Harry and Nicolan all move forward. A ghoul flinger appears in the top left hand corner.



Turn 8 Danny moves to Seb giving him a healing potion. Rognvald runs for the map edge casting a healing spell on himself. Merengorath moves towards the edge. Seb kills the last skeleton knight while the ghoul moves closer. Everybody moves as fast as they can towards the far edge. 3 more skeletons appear in the bottom left corner. 


Turn 9 Merengorath, Ardella and the ghoul trade shots while the heroes move off board doing no damage. The skellies move as quick as they can towards the action.



Turn 10 Not wanting to take more wounds and seemingly unable to hit the ghoul flinger Merengorath and Ardella head off map. The ghoul also misses with his final parting shot.


After the game everybody healed up some and those with survival skills also make successful rolls to help heal even more. Other than Rognvald everyone will be in better shape for the next battle than this one. Harry and the rangers also leveled up again.


Next game will be in the hospital.

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I was reading through some of these Burning Light scenarios yesterday and I was struck by how “bare” most of the skirmish areas are. I’m going to put in some more terrain elements, but kudos to you for running it straight-up. With you having played though the initial scenarios I would like your thoughts on the matter. Seems to me to be a shoot & sprint fest.  How’s the feedback from the kiddos? ::):

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We're enjoying it and yeah I agree about it being bare. I painted a bit more than the minimum required and it's mostly open table. The other missions had a decent amount of cover. We have 2 shooters (my ranger just found a bow so now there's 3 of us but I'm more of a close combat tank) and they do a respectable amount of damage but not overwhelming. We've only run into one ghoul flinger and it did nothing to us. If there were more shooters and the visibility was full they could be nasty with no cover. I think it would be better with more but we're running it this way now. Like Frostgrave I think the more terrain the better. But I don't want to paint more while we're already playing.


We had a fast marathon run this afternoon. Did 3 scenarios. Forgot to add the extra monsters suggested for using 3-4 rangers. Considering the difficulty we had on a couple missions I wasn't thinking about needing more difficulty. These battles ended up being a bit too easy. Need to decide if I'm boosting their numbers for the next scenario. 


@lowlylowlycook you don't need to worry too much about spoilers. We failed every test that would give us a clue to where the decanter is. We've done 5 out of 8 scenarios and have no idea. The two clues we read were the "it's buried in soft dirt" that I already mentioned and "It was moved." :unsure: We had #2 son make some important perception rolls for us because he has +6 skill and his rolls were terrible. The one time he needed a 3+ and got a 1. :zombie:


Reports to follow when I get some time to type. The start of the hospital battle.


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On to battle. In this scenario the 6 beds, 2 cupboards and 2 doors are points of interest we need to investigate. There are 2 spiders, one in each corner opposite our entrance points.


Turn 1 Rognvald searches a cocoon on the bed next to the door he just came through and finds a bow and some arrows then moves up. Merengorath shoots and kills one of the spiders. Danny moves forward. The remaining spider moves towards Danny. Seb fails a strength roll when trying to open the cocoon nearest him. Ardella kills the spider while everyone else moves up with Rognvald and Danny. Thousands of tiny spiders come falling from the ceiling biting Seb, Nameless and Harry poisoning them. While poisoned they can only make 1 activation instead of 2 per turn.




Turn 2 With no monsters present Everybody moves forward. Danny and Harry fail to open the cocoon beds that they run to. The light dims and the heroes are overcome by a feeling of helplessness and are -3 to any will rolls for the rest of the game.



Turn 3 Danny opens his cocoon finding dry bones. Rognvald and Nicolan are unsuccessful in open another cocoon and a locked cupboard. The heroes spider sense begin to tingle and all evil models (0) present gain +2 fight for the next turn.


Turn 4 Danny, Rognvald, Merengorath, Harry and Nicolan all successfully open all the remaining cocoons and cupboards. Rognvald, Jeff, Nameless and Ardella all become tangled in webs and can't do anything next turn. The boys wanted to quit here as we had found everything. I said no because there are cards left and we need to leave by the doors.




Turn 5 Everyone moves back towards the door. 2 giant spiders pop up.



Turn 6 Merengorath misses his shot. Rognvald kills one spider and Danny moves off map. Ardella misses her shot. Nameless attacks the spider and is knocked out. The others move towards the left door. 2 more spiders appear.



Turn 7 Rognvald casts a healing spell on Seb. Merengorath kills a spider. A spider takes down Jeff. Another spider appears.


Turn 8 Merengorath misses his shot but Ardella does not. The last spider is killed before it can close on the heroes. Everybody leaves the map.


After the game Rognvald gives the magic arrows he found to Ardella keeping the bow and quiver in place of his throwing knife. Nameless recovers half his health + 2 for a successful survival (first aid) roll from Danny. Jeff suffers another permanent injury, this time a broken jaw. The good part is this has absolutely no effect on a dog. Jeff also gets an extra 2 health for a survival roll. We also found 3 healing potions in one of the cupboards. We let Seb drink one and with a survival roll he regains all of his health.


Next battle will be the dormitory upstairs.

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The dormitory battle features a map with several gaping holes in the floor. I used my ponds to represent these. If a hero makes a second move activation within 2" of these holes they may fall back into the hospital below. The points of interest are 4 chest along the right wall. There are 3 spiders, 1 in each corner other than the heroes starting point.




Turn 1 Merengorath kills a spider, Aredella misses and everybody else moves. There is an earthquake which may cause heroes within 2" of the holes to fall through them. Nobody was that close so no tests even.




Turn 2 Danny attacks the nearest spider and is wounded by it. Rognvald andJeff kill the spiders. 2 flies appear at the stairs.




Turn 3 Merengorath kills the fly next to him and walks away from the other. The other attacks follows him but can't catch him. Most of the heroes head for the chests. Rognvald moves to help Merengorath and Ardella misses the fly. A tortured soul appears on the stairs. Somehow he avoids getting his picture taken.:rolleyes:




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Turn 4 Danny opens a chest. Merengorath kills the second fly. Rognvald moves to the tortures soul and convinces it to leave. A spider appears on the chest that Danny just opened. 



Turn 5 Danny kills the spider, Seb opens a chest, Nicolan fails to open a chest and everybody else moves towards them. Another tremor causes one of the walkways to collapse joining the top 2 holes.


Turn 6 Nicolan opens the last chest and everyone jumps through the holes for a quick getaway.


After the game we heal up everybody and get ready for the next mission the Abbess' quarters. 

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