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Zink's Burning Light campaign


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In the abbess' quarters we have a desk in one corner and bookshelves in the other two. There are two doors along the right wall. A giant fly is in front of each door and the desk.




Turn 1 Merengorath kills a fly while Danny and Rognvald move towards the nearer bookshelf. The flies head for the heroes. Seb attacks and kills a fly. Ardella misses her shot. The others move up to support. 2 more flies appears in the center of the table through the holes in the roof.




Turn 2 Danny kills the fly in front of him. Merengorath misses a shot and Rognvald heads for a bookshelf. A fly attacks Nameless and when he retaliates the fly kills him. Jeff kills another fly while Ardella and Harry kill two spiders. Need to take more care making notes as there were no spiders so it must have been the rest of the flies. A wolf appears next to the stairs.


Turn 3 Merengorath kills the wolf with a critical hit. Rognvald searches the bookshelf. Harry searches the desk. A ghoul attacks Harry while an evil disease causing cloud comes in through the ceiling. Everybody easily makes their health test.


Turn 4 Danny and Nicolan fail to open a locked door. Rognvald and Jeff head for the other door. Merengorath and Ardella move closer to the desk. The ghoul knocks out Harry. Seb attacks the ghoul and is injured. A spider climbs out of a hole near the further away book shelf.




Turn 5 Danny open the door and finds a


shrine to St Emilia. He makes a will roll and receives a blessing from the saint. We can pick any one hero to be completely healed of all disease, poison and wounds including permanent ones. Son #1 argues that Seb should be healed because he's nearly dead. I argue for healing Jeff because he is suffering a couple permanent wounds and #2 son is whining about them. I win and Jeff gets rejuvenated.

Merengorath misses the spider. Rognvald runs towards Seb wanting to heal him but is out of range. The ghoul wounds Seb and then Seb kills her. Ardella kills the spider. A red mist enters the room and would have increased the fight of a fly if there were any.




Turn 6 Rognvald does a terrible job of searching the bookshelf. Nicolan opens the door finding 


a large bloated white grub. He decides to kill it finding a silver chalice inside. We gain a nice xp bonus and he makes a health test passing it.

Everyone else starts to move towards the stairs. 2 flies appear in the center of the room.




Turn 7 Danny and Merengorath kill a fly each. Everybody else heads towards the stairs. 2 more flies appear on the stairs.


Turn 8 Merengorath and Jeff kill the flies. Everybody moves towards the stairs. A cloud of ash which could slow down the heroes appears. We ignore it and end the game because all possible monsters are dead.


Rognvald found a magic item giving him +1 armour. Everybody heals up and the rangers level up gaining new heroic abilities or spells. 


Next battle will be versus the darkroot plant in the herb store.

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It took me months to get as much ready as I did and I expected to play this over a week or so once we started. The scenarios take less than an hour each and everybody is in the mood so we finished off another 2 today. We have one area to explore and then we need to guess where the decanter was hidden. Into the Herb Store we go.


This scenario starts with us facing a Darkroot plant. It is immobile but it's vines can travel all over the board. There are 5 points of interest to check out, 4 bookshelves/cupboards along the far wall and right wall and a table in the middle. I threw out a bit of scatter terrain to give the monsters a better chance against shooting and used Joe's playtest idea of adding in the event card with the strongest monsters at the start and then returning it to the draw pile. The cover didn't do much but extra monsters made it a bit tougher. Also for this scenario you need a lot more than the 5 vines I prepped. I'll be making more as I know that the Dark Temple mission needs a bunch.





Turn 1 Meregorath kills the nearest vine. Danny and Rognvald advance towards the central table. A vine attacks Danny and he kills it. Ardella kills another vine while the rest move up to the rangers. A nasty disease causing cloud fills the room. Nameless and Ardella get infected. This has no immediate affect but will cause problems in the next scenario.




Turn 2 Merengorath misses his shot. Rognvald nd a vine fail to hurt eachother and Danny checks out the table and gets a treasure. Rognvald attacks the vine. A vine attacks Danny and is killed by him. The other vine wounds Rognvald. Everyone moves up and Nameless kills the vine. 2 flies come in the door behind Merengorath.



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Turn 3 We are using the new abilities and spells from the Temple of Madness book. The last level up Merengorath learned the spell Burning Mark. It casts a rune which works like a landmine. He cast that in front of the flies near him. The others move towards various cupboards. When the flies move they trigger the rune and it kills both of them. Handy spell for defence of an archer. When the smoke clears a wolf comes through the door.





Turn 4 Merengorath misses the wolf. Danny searches a cupboard. Rognvald moves towards another cupboard. The wolf attacks Merengorath and is cut down. A bunch of companions attack and Nameless kills the main darkroot plant. Another vine pops out near Rognvald.


Turn 5 Danny searches a cupboard while Rognvald battles the vines. He is injured but kills the vine. Seb is targeted by the event card and fully healed. A vine appears and attacks Nameless




Turn 6 The vine misses Nameless on it's activation and the surrounding companions chop it to pieces on theirs. Everyone else heads for the door. Another vine appears near Rognvald.





Turn 7 Rognvlad is wounded by the vine and Nameless kills it. Everybody else moves towards the exit. Another vine appears near the desk in the center.




Turn 8 Merengorath kills the vine. Rognvald heals himself and everybody moves towards the door. 2 more vines appear near the cupboards.


Turn 9 We leave them be and exit.


We made a good haul for items found but didn't learn anything about where the decanter is. We recovered St Emilia's bones (good xp if we can get them home), a cordial of spellfire which recharges a spell and 3 different herbs giving various in game bonuses.

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Next scenario we chose was the Library. This board is made of two stories connected by stairs. The bottom floor is mostly flooded and full of giant water snakes with a bookshelf in one corner. The upper floor has a large table in the middle with 2 bats, 2 doors opposite the stairs and some shelves along 2 walls. I used a river piece and a beach my younger son made as the water.




Turn 1 Merengorath misses a snake. Danny is the only swimmer we have to he heads to the left to go check out the bookshelf. Rognvald shoots one of the snakes. The 2 of the snakes move towards the main group of heroes while one goes for Danny. The batts upstairs fly around randomly. Ardella kills the wounded snake. Jeff follows his master Danny and the others stay on the dry land to the right. 2 more bats fly through the roof into the upper room.




Turn 2 Rognvald moves towards the stairs and kills a snake with his bow. Merengorath misses. Danny swims up the left wall. The snake attacks Jeff and is wounded. Seb and Jeff kill the snake. Everyone else moves towards the stairs. 2 Skeletons appear at the bottom of the stairs.



Turn 3 Rognvald moves towards the skeletons. Danny and Jeff swim up the left wall. Jeff is a poor swimmer but mad all his rolls all game. The skellies attack Rognvald. Harry, Seb and Nameless rush to help him. Harry is wounded while nameless kills one. A bolt of lightning blast through the upper story and wounds Merengorath.


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Turn 4 Rogvald kills the second skeleton. Danny searches the bookshelf. Harry, Ardella, Nicolan and Nameless go up the satairs. Everybody else moves towards the stairs. Merengorath narrowly avoids stepping on a trap.




Turn 5 Rognvald moves upstairs and takes a crappy shot at a bat. Merengorath, Danny, Jeff and Seb head for the stairs. Up until now the bats were bouncing around randomly every turn. Now they attack and Nicolan, Ardella, Harry and Nameless counter. Nameless is wounded but all 4 bats are killed. An earthquake causes the stairs to crumble making it much more difficult to move between floors.



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Turn 6 Merengorath manages to scramble over the ruined stairs to the second floor. Seb doesn't. Danny and Jeff almost swim to the stairs. The rest scatter on the upper floor to check out all the points of interest. A giant snake appears by the bottom of the stairs.







Turn 7 Rognvald checks a bookshelf. Seb kills the snake. Nicolan searches the desk. Harry unlocks the left hand door revealing 3 bats and another point of interest. Merengorath feels a sudden burst of energy giving him an extra activation next turn. #1 son laughs and says, "I'm Thor. You hit me with your lightning and you only make me faster!"




Turn 8 Merengorath moves so he can see into the room with the bats. He uses his extra activation to shoot twice killing 2 bats. Rognvald moves towards the second door. The bat attacks Harry and is killed. Danny, Jeff and Seb still can't climb up to the second floor. Nicolan moves towards the bookshelf. 2 gnoll archers appear between the doors. The action was so quick they died before I got their pic.



Turn 9 Merengorath kills a gnoll. Rognvald moves towards the door. Danny still can't climb. The gnoll misses. Ardella misses. Harry grabs a treasure. Nicolan searches the book shelf. 3 bats appear.



Turn 10 Merengorath kills the last gnoll. Rognvald shoots a bat. The bats wound Ardella nearly killing her. Everybody runs towards her and the bats.


Turn 11 Rognvald kills the last bat. Seb busts open the door finding a young nun inside. She agrees to join us for the rest of our mission.


After the battle we heal up again. We found a book of navigation, anthalas (helps ko'd characters not die) and a spell book. The girl is a conjurer but had no weapons. Luckily we found a sickle that she can use earlier. I'm painting up a girl from the Dreadmere set as her now.


Next battle will be in the chapel against a horde of ghouls. We've found 4 clues about the whereabouts of the decanter but have no confidence that we know it's true location. Hopefully the chapel gives us another clue.

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We finished the chapel battle this morning and the kids are ready to do the final battle to try and escape the convent. Need to do a bit of work but hoping to finish the mission tonight. I think I'm seeing a marked improvement in both my note making and picture taking although neither are all that impressive. Most of the time I understand my shorthand I developed and it's getting rarer that my notes and photos don't match. Write ups to follow when I get time. Wasn't expecting to finish all this in 4 days. It took me a month to prep for.

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Last area of the search the ruined chapel. Points of interest are the second floor in the lower left hand corner, the pile of rubbish in the center, the door in the top right hand corner and something in the upper left hand corner. There are a large number of ghouls, ghoul fiends (tougher) and ghoul flingers (throw bones) as well as a ghoul snake scattered around. The view from the heroes perspective and and overall. 





Turn 1 Danny runs towards the left corner because he's out best climber (theoretically). Merengorath (who now wants to be called Thor after being hit with lightning) wounds a ghoul with an arrow. Rognvald moves up the right side and kills that ghoul. The dogs, Seb and Nicolan go after Danny. Ardella misses a shot at a ghoul fiend. Harry and Janine (girl from the last scenario) move up with Rognvald. 3 gnolls (archer, fighter and sergeant) appear along the top edge.





Turn 2 Danny runs for the corner with the clue. Merengorath shoots and kills the ghoul that was closest to Danny. Rognvald uses his frenzy skill (+5 F) on a ghoul fiend wounding it. The ghoul snake wounds Nicolan, Jeff wounds a ghoul fiend. Harry moves up to help Rognvald and kills the ghoul fiend. Janine tags along. Ardella misses her shot at a gnoll. A ghoul flinger climbs onto the second story corner Danny is running for.





Turn 3 Danny throws his knife at the ghoul flinger wounding it. Merengorath misses a maximum range shot at the same ghoul. Rognvald wounds the gnoll sergeant and when it tries to retaliate hit chops it in half with a critical hit. The gnoll fighter runs up and wounds Rognvald. The ghoul flinger nails Danny hard. The ghoul fiend knocks out Nameless. Dogs just don't have a lot of health and tend to die often. Jeff tears into the fiend and takes revenge for his partner. Harry moves up and kills the gnoll fighting with Rognvald. Danny gets ahead of himself and wants to run under the second floor for cover. #1 son reminds him we still need to draw a card. 2 ghouls pop out of a hole right where Danny wanted to hide.



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Turn 4 Merengorath kills the ghoul flinger upstairs. Danny retreats to either get a healing potion from Merengorath or have Janine cast a healing spell. Rognvald charges towards another ghoul flinger. The flinger and gnoll archer both shoot at Rognvald. He has a shield of brightness with 5 charges and decides to use 2 of them because he's out on his own right now. They block the shots. Missed mentiong that another ghoul flinger had wounded Nicolan in turn 3. Janine moves towards him and casts her healing on him as Danny is out of immediate danger. Seb kills a ghoul. Ardella gets a critical hit dropping the gnoll archer. Harry opens the door revealing a chest and 3 ghoul rotters. I used my disco zombies for them. They're weaker than an ordinary ghoul but can cause disease. A ghoul snake slithers out of the rubble pile.




Turn 5 Merengorath hands Danny a healing potion. Rognvald wounds the ghoul flinger. The 3 rotters attack Harry but luckily can't all fit through the door. Harry kills one of them. Seb kills the ghoul snake. Ardella wounds the last ghoul flinger. Another ghoul rotter pops out of nowhere and attacks Seb.




Turn 6 Merengorath kills a flinger. Danny moves towards the clue upstairs. Rognvald is knocked out by the flinger he was facing. The second ghoul rotter attacks Harry and is quickly taken out of action. Seb kills the rotter that tried to bite him in the butt. Sad I missed taking a pic of that. The boys nearly died laughing because the zombie I used is bent over 90 degrees and that's what it looked like. Janine and Seb head towards the rubble while Jeff and Nocolan cover Danny. Ardella killed the ghoul flinger that took out Rognvald. A shadow knight moves onto the table.






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Turn 7 Merengorath misses the shadow knight. Danny grabs a treasure on the second floor. The shadow knight heads for Ardella. She misses a shot at him with a magic arrow and retreats. Shadow knights only take half damage from mundane weapons. Harry kills the last rotter. Janine heads for the final clue. Seb searches the rubble and the rest move towards Ardella and the shadow knight. Some stones all from above (We're technically indoors) and wounds Danny and Merengorath.


Turn 8 Merengorath casts burning mark (landmine) in front of the shadow knight. Danny stays put upstairs. The shadow knight takes a massive hit from the burning mark and staggers after Ardella. Ardella misses again with her last magic arrow. Seb tackles the badly wounded knight putting him down permanently. Janine reaches the last clue and makes a very high will roll. Everybody regains 4 health and the rangers gain 12 xp.


She also finds a very valuable clue about where the decanter is.

Harry checks out the chest and even though he is our trap expert gets wounded and poisoned. For his trouble he gains a treasure. The last card is that the stars suddenly come out and a player may make a navigation roll if successful they recognise the constellation and gain xp.



After the game everybody heals as best they can and we check the 2 treasures. 1 is a potion of restoration which brings a hero up to full health and removes any negatives effects they are suffering. The other is a spell shield pendant which helps protect against spells requiring a will roll. If their was a star of the game it would be Harry. He's an ok fighter as far as stats go but he just waded through the bad guys, killing lots of them all by himself. His main damage was from failing a skill roll in his specialty.


Tomorrow the climatic conclusion as we guess where the decanter is hidden and attempt to flee the convent.

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In the final installment our heroes try to race across the courtyard and leave the convent. They did discover the decanter of St Emilia. If you make high skill rolls with the clues it's fairly obvious where it's located. We only made one good roll for those clues but along with a couple medium rolls it was all pointed out. This battle is on the same map as the earlier courtyard scenario with the exception that we started at the opposite edge and there are 3 exits in the lower edge which we can escape by. The middle gate is blocked by a terror wing (demon) and shadow knight. The corner holes in the wall each have a gnool fighter, gnoll archer and wolf guarding them. Our prime objective is to get Merengorath carrying the decanter of the board.







Turn 1 Merengorath moves up and shoots the terrorwing. Everybody else moves up as fast as they can. The gnoll archers move up a bit and miss shooting any heroes. Ardella moves and misses. A vision of St Emilia appears healing 2 heroes and granting them +2 F for the rest of the game. This was kind of poor timing as we were all mostly healed.



Turn 2 Merengorath kills the wolf nearest him. Danny wounds the wolf in front of him. Rognvald moves towards the right hole and critically hits the gnoll fighter. We use goblins for gnoll because I don't have any Frostgrave gnolls. The terror wing and wolf attack Danny and he kills them both. As has often happened in our games one or two lucky rolls remove the big bosses before they can really do anything. It's my major grumble about our games. Ardella also gets a critical killing the shadow knight. The shooting gnolls injure Jeff and Nicolan. Another wolf appears in the right hole.




Turn 3 Merengorath kills the newest wolf. Rognvald moves towards the exit. Danny attacks a gnoll fighter and gets injured. The gnoll fighter knocks out Danny leading to much whining about how nobody supported him. The gnoll archer drops nameless. Poor bloodhound dies about 50% of the time. Jeff runs up and kills his master's killer. Everyone else moves for the exits. The terror wing would have cast a spell if he hadn't died so quickly.




Turns 4 and 5 Rognvald and Ardella fight with and kill one gnoll archer while Nicolan and Jeff kill the other. More useless spell cards drawn. Everybody leaves the board.



Final results and overall thoughts later.

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It was kind of fun. Lots and lots of room for improvement but I've been wanting to do some sort of battle reports for a long time. The boys want to start on Temple of Madness right away. If I had a few days I could make and paint the few things I don't have but it looks like we'll do it partly painted. Not sure if I'll try to record and report it or not.


Trying to collect my thoughts about wrapping it up. For all the items we collected and surviving we gained a LOT of xp. The rangers jumped 2 levels and the companions also got a few progression points each. Some of them leveled up too. We decided to keep a couple of the magic items that we could have turned over for more xp. In my rangers case he kept a figurine of St Emilia that gives him +1 armour. He used it on this mission but I'm thinking of giving it to one of his companions in the future. He has a choice of wearing heavy armour if I want but they don't. To me that's way better than a one time gain of 10 xp. Our rangers started out with a focus on skills for each one. As we played more they started becoming more general because you don't know who will need to make what roll in game. It's handy to have a couple points of everything once you get at least one party member with a decent level of the skills that help the whole group, ie, navigation or survival.


The mission was a lot of fun and we liked being able to choose where we were going. But it's kind of like in a lot of video games, you're going to try out and clear everything unless you're really unlucky. I liked how Joe set up some of the clues with varying levels of information depending on how good you roll. Some of the missions were close and we were lucky not to lose anyone. Some felt too easy. Adding extra monsters was a good idea. We had 3 rangers which are much better than any companion and a total of 9 heroes. Our companions are weaker than what you could have with less rangers but still an extra body and more rangers makes things easier. More cover helped a bit to keep monsters alive and make the table more interesting.


Like in Frostgrave the range of the rolls means the difference between life and death is one or two bad rolls. We got very lucky against the toughest creatures with critical hits. For me that spoiled it a bit but the kids loved taking out the big tough guys in one or two rolls. Losing the terror wing so quickly in the last battle took away all the challenge. Most of the cards drawn were pointless after that. I'll have to try my hand at making some scenarios once we're done Temple of Madness. 

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