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Spellcrow Minotaur :: Conversion to Minotaur Monk :: by Thrym Hot Mods


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Once again my buddy with the minotaur character fixation asked me to find a minotaur for him that I can convert into a monk.  Given that most are armed and armored ... I understood his dilemma. 


Thrym's Table presents:


Spellcrow Minotaur as

Minotaur Monk



Original marketing image; copyright Spellcrow Miniatures.


The first things that had to go were the axes.  The hands were attached to axes on a separate sprue and made it easy to remove them.  Next I drilled out the old handle and cleaned up the pins to the wrists.


Fairly easy so far.  I did it during game night while playing Talisman.  I was the Sprite.


Next I pared back the horns to create a pin and to create a better profile.  The stock horns seemed a bit out of proportion to him.  When I got home my original plan was to place pieces of mini cable ties to create a Karnak look for his fists.  The cable tie I started with worked to a point but wouldn't lay flat enough to his hand.  So time for idea #2, wire.  



As you can see, Karnak has bands around his hands.


That worked well.  That gave me the idea for a necklace or medallion swinging away from him.


Here he is...



Enjoy and stay tuned.  

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Here's what it looks like glued in place.


I drilled a hole under his chin front and back but not all the way through.


So there are two pieces of wire.


The big piece in front and a small piece on the other side of his neck.





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Here he is with Armory Spray Primer applied.






I filled some gaps with P3 Brown/Aluminum Putty and then spread the wires out behind his hands and filled in the space with some more putty.  They look more like straps now.


I still have to add a skull to the end on the necklace.

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Well, after a short break and an actual break, I've completed his skin mid-tone and applied Vallejo Stencil to his bracer to see where the filigree is and use it to brighten the work.  I also applied the same white to his teeth and eyes.






I said break because he is resin and he hit the ground.  Broke his right arm at the elbow.  He also dislocated his right horn and snapped it in half.  Repairs involved creating a brown-aluminum putty socket to pin his arm back on, super glue, pinning the horn pieces together and into his head,  sanding and Squadron white putty to fill spaces.  He's nearly good as new and ready for more.


Stay tuned and enjoy!

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