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Relaunch:DreamForge-Games Grav-StuG tank model with STL file terrain

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This is a relaunch of the project that failed to fund a few days ago, they're trying reducing the cost and relying on people picking up more kits overall to make the numbers work (1600 rather than 1200 kits). I hope it works





(3D print to show size)




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Top Posters In This Topic

Almost no notice before the relaunch, and only a two week run.


I think it is dead on the launchpad.


I backed for a single model on the first try - but diverted the funds when it was cancelled, I will not be able to back it in the stupidly short two week run.


Dreamforge has some  great models - some of the best that I have seen.


But I think that they just shot themselves in both feet before starting this race.


*EDIT* If I had the money, I would buy two - and crash one of them. Those skid plates just scream for the beast to be gouging a ditch through the top of a hill.


The Auld Grump

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