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Rob Dean

Some Urban Fantasy Progress -- Includes 50211, 50042, HeroForge

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15 hours ago, Rigel said:

Very nice, and that violinist in particular is delightful.


Thanks.  My only wish for her is that Hero Forge could figure out how to position the bow and violin (since they have both pieces in their catalog of bits) so that she was playing.  My source urban fantasies have a lot of magical musicians, so I was free to indulge my natural tendency to collect musician miniatures...

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2 hours ago, Iridil said:

Nice - love the daisy on Cynthia's shirt -


That’s cast in, so I didn’t need to freehand it...

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    • By Arutema
      Putting my new Photon through its paces printing some Heroforge sculpts.
      The halfling operative is actually a mash-up of two Heroforge sculpts in Tinkercad. (Why can't Heroforge let you have just a single cyberarm?)
      Didn't think to photograph her till I had the primer on:

      The first print of the gnome solarion didn't have enough supports on the arm with the fireball, so after cleaning the resulting lump out of the vat and trying again with more supports, here she is, supports and all:
    • By Vacaroja
      She's a touch rough around the edges because I forgot to take final pictures before I sent her off to her forever home. But luckily, I took these before I finished to see what I wanted to fix and they're pretty close to the final.
      This was a tiefling custom printed from Heroforge. My first real 3d printed piece, it was printed by a 3rd party who did a pretty nice job of it. But I found it interesting as it was this odd mix of some really fine details and some clunky ones. For example, the face, horns and hair were nicely detailed. But the cloak waves were quite angular and the wrist wrap on her left arm felt really bulky.
      Color choices were provided by the person who wanted it painted, but I enjoyed what they wanted for the most part. And they asked for some extra details like a neck collar and a tattoo along her chest which can be seen peeking out from under the leather strap. A little freehand work that was simple but quite tiny but I was impressed that I was able to do it.

    • By Szharvid
      I was asked to paint my friend's steel Hero Forge mini.  The character is a Half-Fairy Werewolf Drunken Master, so no judgment on the design of the mini.    I have painted 5 or 6 of the, "cheap" and expensive plastic minis from Hero Forge but this is the first metal one.  I have to say they are tough but as rough as 60 grit sandpaper, and you lose almost all fine detail.  In the picture the metal one is on the right, the priest in the center is the cheap plastic,  and the bard on the left is the HQ plastic.  Still yet to see a brass one.

    • By Morihalda
      I live! I spent January making lots of little art that piqued my interest to get back into making art frequently again!
      I painted a friend's Heroforge mini. It's quite grainy compared to metal minis but goodness, has it gotten so much better. I also have a rough camera adding additional graininess. It's hard to see here, but the vast majority of his robes are in Leather White. Pure White was only used for the extreme highlights, like on the potion bottle. The red also has green in the shadows. I'm learning!

      I painted our entire set of the Secret Weapon Tablescapes Dungeons and Mines tiles!
      This was an in progress photo. I realized the moment after I packed everything perfectly back into the boxes that I didn't get a completed photo.

      Some finished pieces before repacking them up. Bless this sculptor, y'all. I drybrushed my way through all this while rewatching the Office and everything looks heckin' great because of these amazing textures!

      I painted the new Bones Black Owlbear. I had to give it antlers, of course! This was a fun accidental exercise in almost monochrome. It's all purple but I intentionally chose some blue purples and red purples. The darkest color used was Nightshade Purple and the brightest was Snowdrift White. There's more variation in the white but I struggle with this camera phone. I'm really liking how solid it feels but I haven't tried testing it the way they tested the original Bones at conventions. :) 

      It also made for a really pretty palette!

      Lastly (though it was the first in the timeline), I sewed some velvet bags for our new favorite game, The Quacks of Quedlinburg. I think it helped me get back into my art groove because I got excited about a thing, wanted to make something related to it, and already had the skills for it. I wanted it and I got it!

      They're not stellar photos, but a cheap lightbox certainly brought this camera up to mediocre. 

    • By Rob Dean
      As if I didn’t have enough to do, I started playing around with the design systems on the Hero Forge web site. I finally ended up ordering a couple of figures to see how they looked when done. I’ve been reading the various Bordertown books lately, so ended up drifting into some urban fantasy territory here. 

      It’s a little unfortunate that their system doesn’t have a playing pose, given the availability of the violin and bow. I do seem to accumulate musicians, though...

      The necromantic spell effect wasn’t my first choice, but it looked like the safest from a structural integrity view, so I went with it. 
      Both of these were done in the higher grade plastic, and I was pleased to
      see that the layer lines were pretty much invisible after painting.   
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