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2 minutes ago, ced1106 said:


Yep, that. I've ruined $45+ of expensive hobby brushes when I first painted because I didn't learn proper brush care. I still get paint deep into the ferrule.


IMO, If you're painting for gaming, have 20+ miniatures to paint, and are fine with tabletop or advanced tabletop, you can use the cheap brushes for the primer, basecoats, and washes. It's unlikely you'll have time for highlights, blending, etc. which is what I'll use the expensive hobby brush for. I found some cheap HAPPY ONE (yeah, that's what it's called) synthetic brushes and they work fine, as does a pack of inexpensive natural hair brushes from the arts and crafts stores. I originally bought the HAPPY ONE brushes for metallic paint (known to ruin brushes) but started using them for finer detail. Natural hair is fine for washes.


Also, for painting quickly, I recommend colored brush-on primers followed by washes, but that's another article. ^_^


Yes, yes it is. As of now before pictures and complete editing and not being finished with everything I want to say it is almost 5 pages in Google Docs... Might have to strategically break it up.

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