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Jordan Peacock

HeroClix for Fallout

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Gary*. Gary? Gary Gary GARY, Gary Gary! (Gary Gary, "Gary.") Gary Gary Gary. Gary, "Gary" (Gary) Gary, Gary -- Gary, "GARY." Gary Gary: "GARY, Gary."   Gary Gary, Gary Gary (Gary Gary).


*Translation: New minis. Why all the same? Because they're clones of GARY, infamous failed experiment from Vault 108! (And all they can say is, "Gary.") It's a bit of an in-joke from Fallout 3. I got several copies of HeroClix "Foolkiller" (003b) for a minigun for Gaslands, and thought the extras could work as clones -- i.e., "Gary." Tentative adventure scenario name: "Gary, Indiana."


HeroClix has quite a few characters in spandex jumpsuits that work pretty well as Vault-Dwellers in Vault-Suits, provided I trim away excess items (such as the crossed swords on the figure's back).

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Another possible use for re-purposed HeroClix minis: Raiders!  The nice thing about raiders is that they don't have a UNIFORM, as such.


("Harley Quinn," #017, from "DC Harley Quinn and the Gotham Bombshells.")  I saw this miniature and thought the BOMB would be useful as some sort of battlefield marker (un-exploded warhead, and all that), but then I kind of lost the heart to trim the figure off of it, when I found that the whole thing could fit on a standard 25mm round base.  (Sure, there's a bit of overhang, but that's hardly a rare thing.)  I figured that I could transform this "Harley" into a post-apocalyptic "raider" by adding a particularly distinctive "post-apocalyptic" accessory: a gas mask!  Harley already has goggles on her head, so no need for a FULL gas mask -- I just went with the nose-and-mouth sort, made out of a bit of "brown stuff" ribbon epoxy, with a couple of paperclip acrylic "sheath" tubes for air filters.  (That is, I've "skinned" quite a few paperclips to get wire for pinning my minis, so I just cut off a couple of segments of the resulting hollow acrylic "skin," to get a couple of tiny tubes.  Applying them was tricky, and the only way I could manage it was by perching each tube on the very tip of a hobby knife, then pushing it into the putty with a dot of super glue.)


There are several other minis in the series that have the "perched on a literal bombshell" base, and I might try my hand at some more eventually, but this one for whatever reason just looked to me like the best candidate for a post-apocalyptic rowdy type.  (If necessary, I could always add some scraps of "junk armor," or some trophy skulls, or other "raider accouterments.")

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