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Bloodborne : 24 hour EB


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On 5/1/2019 at 10:42 AM, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

I have an EB but am looking for reasons to drop it.


For example, the FAQ says the scale is 28 mm - the Hunters are 28 mm to the eye, so overall these monsters won't be as big as they might seem.


According to the FAQ most bosses are around 100mm

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Four days left. Stuff so far.! 


For myself, I enjoy Lovecraftian horror that's not arbitrary tentacles and teeth. :;,;: The game's card-based game system looks like there's some good strategy behind it.


Pigs fly!  ~8) 

Mo' tiles!
Not a KSE (okay, it still is)!



What's scarier than a ball of snakes? NOTHING!!!


Alan Moore gets a haircut.


Nyalathotep needs a snakecut.


Mods need their banhammer.


Pork. The other death meat.


Cosplayers are getting weirder and weirder.


Not just ghosts... not just weapons... not just snakes... Why not ghosts armed with weapons *and* snakes?


Scale comparison of Michael Eisner's Disneyland parade idea.



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"Hey, let's stick half a crocodile on it."



Just noticed these would make proxies for KDM. Y'know, while I (still not) paint my KDM miniatures. <_<





Note: Miniatures are not 15mm. ^_^




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On 1/29/2021 at 7:41 AM, Dan d'Lyon said:

Everything received.  Now I just need to figure out where to put it all.  LOTS of stuff.


and that more than anything is probably why I'm done with boardgame Kickstarters. It's easy to go oh yeah, that looks awesome, but by the time they all arrive, it's like... uh, maybe I can hang this from the eiling?


Then again might be an apartment dweller issue as opposed to a homeowners. 

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I got it mostly for the minis, and the minis look pretty good. Some are quite mediocre, some are quite nice. Overall, for the minis alone, not bad for $100 (plus probably $50 in shipping). The board game... it'll probably be a few years until I get around to playing it.

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