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Darsc Zacal

Amazonians by Tomb Guardians Miniatures

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Im in also but you beat me Mckenna35!!!!  Lol


These are amazing miniatures, so glad Jason, Gene and Patrick sculpted these Amazons for Tomb Guardians.  Tom Guardians is becoming one of my favorite miniatures companies.  Cant wait for the next release!

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So the Amazons funded today and then they announced they are offering painted miniatures by their painters.  Thats too cool, going to have to look into that.   


SamuraiJack I agree its way too quiet in there comments section but I guess no one has any questions.  Lol

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Hey everyone, Tomb Guardians funded their 28mm Female Amazons and are about to hit the first stretch goal!  Some of my favorite sculptures made their collection, Jason Weibe, Gene Van Horne and Patrick Keith.  Check these out they are outstanding miniatures.  Let's show them some love!  Im in at the Amazon pledge level.  Almost forgot shipping in the US is only $5 and they offer FREE shipping worldwide







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Hey everyone,


We all love free things!  Tomb Guardians Female Amazons are now into their stretch goals!  All the miniatures are metal and come with a 5 year guarantee  Thats really cool.  These miniatures are really cool.  Love all the female miniatures.  I just found out that these miniatures are actual for a dungeon crawl game they are releasing next yaar even though they can be used for D&D.


Heres the link.


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Survey time, and I've forgotten which ones I pledged for.    

Also, there may be an issue in the PM for the '$7' pledge.

(I did as the example, pledged for 6 minis by changing the value to $42, but now I only have $35 available in the PM)



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