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OK., need help with this one...


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RRRRRGH! :grr:


Camera-shop Oompa-Loompas are NOT the most helpful of people!!


What constitutes a good camera? I know this much -


- Macro-something


- Optical zoom of some sort


- More than 3 megapixels (3.2 seems to be common...)


Could anyone currently taking good photos, if they are able, shed a little light on this? I know there are probably threads elsewhere on this, BUT I'm hoping for some current info.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Check out the following sites...


PC Photo Review


Imaging Resource


Digital Photography Review (This site is currently not working for me) This is a great site if it hasn't gone down or moved to places unknown. It's been up for years so hopefully it's just technical difficulties. :unsure:


Basically, the higher the megapixel the better. You'll get clearer photos.


You want something you can use a macro or zoom/telephoto on, but still be able to adjust the apeture and, preferrably, shutter speed if you can afford it (this is for Depth of Field reasons so you get the entire mini in focus).


Nikon makes an excellent range, but I've been eyeing a $1000 Sony myself. I'm just trying to decide if I want a more expensive SLR Nikon that I can use my film camera lenses with (which tend to get pricey) or just use the Sony for snapshots and minis (which I then can't justify spending that much for the camera).


Mind you, I've been in photography for about 20 years now, so I can get a little picky on my cameras and how much control I have over things.


But you want to definately be able to adjust your Depth of Field, and check the macro to be certain you can still get close enough to fill your frame with just the mini and not a lot of extraneous background. Best thing to do is take an average sized mini with you to a real camera store (not Walmart or Best Buy) and the salespeople should let you test the camera to see if it will get close enough and give you enough leverage to adjust your depth of field for a clear, all-over focus. If the sales clerk won't, ask to speak to a manager. All reputable camera stores should allow you to do this. If not, go elsewhere.


Once you have a clearer idea of which camera will work for you in your price range, then start comparing prices for that same camera at other stores and online to get your best price.


Good Luck!! :blush:

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You definitely want a macro mode. Optical zoom is good, but digital zoom is pointless (as you can achieve the same results with any image editing software). My first digital camera wouldn't do zoom while in macro mode. I'm not sure how important zoom in macro mode is anyway...just move your camera closer. :wacko:


>3 MP is becoming more and more common these days, and less expensive than when I bought my first digicam.


Another site to check out:



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Another option if you can't find a camera with a close enough macro is to see if it will accept the screw-on type of filters (which the Sony 717 and 828 will do). If so you can purchase some close-up filters to magnify your image.

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What are the price ranges we are talking for a camera of this quality?


Now that I am taking pictures to post, I am realizing my camera, while great for vacations and special events, is not very good for taking the picture of something less than 3 apples high...


I am wondering how long I will have to go without buying more painting supplies :)

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You can get a decent Nikon Coolpix, if I'm not mistaken, for about $150. Shop around. The ones I personally look at are much more expensive because I used to be a professional and like a certain versitality and ability to make the camera do what I want it to do, not what it thinks I want to do.

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Check here for Nikon CoolPix


Note: check under "Format" as you scan through these. "SLR" means you have to purchase lenses seperately. "SLR-Like" means it handles like a 35mm film camera and "Compact" means it's more of a point and shoot variety.


The 3100 MSRP is $224.00 but seems to be going for less at a lot of places online (under $175).


Some of the lower end CoolPix you might not be able to find new. Check Ebay for those.


A lot of people on Coolminiornot use the Nikon CoolPix. You can get as close as 2cm with some of them, and generally as close as 4cm with most of them. That's pretty darn close. Just keep in mind that most "macro" settings will have an extremely limited depth of field so part of your mini might come out fuzzy. You're going to want a camera that you can adjust the "apeture" in order to correct that. For more information on Depth of Field check here. Note: for some reason the original post on this topic is showing up as the 5th post. :huh:


Keep in mind that a super serious semi-pro photographer will look more at the "SLR-Like" and "SLR" cameras. For your use, a Compact format will suit you find and cost 50% or more less. Digital Photography Review has excellent, in-depth reviews of almost all cameras on the market today, and the reviews are standardized. There is even a forum where you can go to ask questions of the pros who can give you feedback and advice based on their own experience.

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For people who have done a lot of work with 35mm SLRs and like the control, I have to agree with Flynn about the digital SLRs. (nearly 20 years of experience with Pentax SLRs)


Once I get the whole lighting set-up perfected, I will be getting some great mini photos, just need to get the painting quality to match.


I know a few people with Nikon CoolPix cameras. Everyone seems to be very pleased with them and they do take good pictures.

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One thing to remember about pixel size is that, while great for delivering large printable photos, can deliver cumbersomely-humongous internet picture-files. Most good cameras come with at least a "lite" photo-editor to load onto your PC, and you should be able to resize and crop out the unwanted background of a high-resolution pic and end up with a nice clear closeup.


But be forewarned, if you are anything like Steve Page :wub: you will suddenly start seeing all kinds of things "wrong" with your minis.


It was not too long after getting our Olympus C-5000-Zoom that we started going through gallons of SimpleGreen.

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I use a 35mm format digital camera. It does not have a macro mode but will take sharp pictures at about 10-15cm. It has no zoom (digital or otherwise). The iso values, focusing and and apeture are automatic. It is 3.2 megapixels but honestly when you lower the camera's resolution to around 2 megapixels there is little impact, particularly after cropping and converting to jpegs less than 150k as are required for online posting.


My rig is not sophisticated either, a printed background, two text books and a couple of lamps.


My essentials are as follows.




2 megapixel minimum

15cm minimum focal distance or less

colour temperature correction (very usefull can be compensated for elsewhere)


On the otherhand I would not be without a copy of photoshop, for me 80% of of the final image quality comes from learning the tools here.


I also use image ready but only because I prefer to use adjust gamma rather than brightness. I cant find gamma adjustment in PS6.

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How do you enchance the photos in photoshop? I know that leads to a broad response. Lemme try to thin it down.


My personal photos come out a little blurry. Not very, but enough to make it difficult to see the fine details of a miniature. Anyway for photoshop to clean this up?

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