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Gauth and Marsh Troll bases

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had these issues and the best way to fix them. Did a search of the forum and didn't find anything.


1. Gauth's (big core set dragon) feet seem pretty uneven. When the "higher" foot is flat his lower foot is a good 3/4 inch off the ground. I figure I'll do a boil and twist of the legs but it seemed like it was off by a lot. 



2. Marsh Troll. The footprint on the base seems way off. His lower half is pretty solid so I don't know if boiling and adjusting will work. I figure he'll get a custom base but I was curious if they're all off that much. IMG_20190428_195147.thumb.jpg.139a72e2ba7b43cebbb954feec652a32.jpg

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Boiling worked for my Gauth. I just dunked his feet and then set him down in the position I wanted him and the feet self corrected and cooled in the right spot.  


I didn't have that problem with the troll, but did with several others and a boil seemed to fix them all. I didn't follow wit a cold dunk, just let them come back to temp naturally in the position I wanted them in.

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7 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

I know the wolf from the frost giants was a bit off, so I boiled his leg and moved it over, held it a bit in place, then cooled it under tap water after about a minute. Seems to have fixed the issue, and he is all glued up on his base:)

Yeah, my wolf is off too but he's close enough I'm not too worried about him. Thanks all, sounds like the boil n' cool should do it. 

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My Gauth's right foot is so twisted from normal that I'm just going to build a new base. Make him look like he's perched on rocky outcroppings instead of standing on a table.


The foot is about 75-80 degrees twisted from flat. Almost perpendicular to the table.

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