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May the Paint be with You (May Hobby Goals)

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On 4/30/2019 at 6:56 PM, Glitterwolf said:
  • Finish my Bones Samurai
  • Finish my GW Wardog
  • Finish both my Ral Partha Ki'rinn
  • Try to finish or at least work on my bust Deus Vult.


I'm on a roll!

Also finished an old Reaper sculpt of a Kung Fu Fighter!

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What? Where did April go?? And May is halfway done! What! 

This is excellent because we're moving in a month to a not-scary apartment!

This is less excellent because I'm packing a little bit every week now so there's much less time for things.


Uhhh May. 

- Get some good critique time in from Talespinner

- Make Kiara's armature again again again (I think this will be the 4th?) and get started on Tierney's armature, my little griffon.

- Ma'al is going on hold because if I want to have anything for ReaperCon with this busy summer coming up, I need to work on something considerably smaller, like Narthrax. Something about working on reasonable goals.... ::P: So I'd like to get Narthrax base coated and ready.

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Hmmm signing on at the halfway point...  


- Finish Mossbeard

- Finish building Skaven Verminlord

- Finish building/converting Skaven Stormfiends

- Make/test mold of rat swarms for bases

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