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If I'm going to do a Bones IV figure, why not start with this big fella..


Going to go for a classic Hooded Cobra look on the upper half and stone on the lower ..


Will be using this picture for a reference..



Since I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures, I've already done:

 - Brown Liner all over

 - Stone Wash on the lower half

 - Stormy Grey dry brush on the lower

 - Misty Grey dry brush on the lower

 - Sepia Liner on the top

 - Griffon Tan on the top



The stonework looks decent for now,  but haven't tried for pseudo-realism on this scale before (pun definitely intended :D )

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I'd put him somewhere between tiny and small ... :B):   Seriously, though .. He's about 5.5" tall




I don't seem to have a Sir Forscale to attack him, so one of the triplets in #03335 is standing in ..

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A nice layer of Candlelight Yellow on the body scales, head and hood, then a light layer of NMM Gold Highlight across the belly scales.  Will do at least one more layer of each I think.. then I'll need to try my hand at the monocle and striping..


2019-05-01 06.40.43.jpg

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Getting there .. Did some more layers of NMM Gold Highlight for the belly to help smooth it up  ( leaving the cracks dark is purposeful - although I'm torn as to whether to try to  convey it as battle damage or weathering -- maybe both as he's turning from stone to snake? ) and edged the belly scales with Creamy Ivory 



Freehand is hard for me - especially at this scale, but I'm not completely unhappy with it so far, although that left lower definitely needs some clean-up - is not as obvious in person..



And finally, I hit the eyes with a couple of layers of Ruby Red, slitted in iris and then attempted to do some white highlights on the edge of the eyes, but that didn't work very well, so another layer of Ruby Red was re-introduced.. 



and I just noticed a mold-line along the bottom of the jaw.. kind of late now!


All that's left, i think other than the aforementioned cleanup of the monacle is smoothing the belly scales a bit more then edging with more Creamy Ivory - maybe try to blend it into the NMM Gold Highlight a bit better than it is.. 


edit:  I also don't really like how the underside of the hood looks right now, so will probably hit that with significantly more Candlelight Yellow to help smooth that up .. 

the closeups for the other shots really show how spotty it seems..

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      Finished up one of my first bones 4 minis.  The unnamed big brother to the bones 3 barbarian.

      He's a simple table top job, though I probably could have shaded a few details more. Like his bracelet.


      I used an ink wash too shade the fur of his cloak and loin cloth. It worked great except they are now both very shiny. I could tone them down with some matte sealer, bit I think I'm just going to declare them magical.

      Someone's grumpy today.

      here he is with his unfinished little brother. Little brother's weapons ate a bit mor floppy unfortunately. They'll likely take a few hot water baths to fix.
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      The sculpt of the fat goblin boss barking orders has a lot of character. Since the mini is covered in armour, it seemed like a good candidate to try some different NMM techniques on.

      The NMM was done with a stippling rather than normal blending for the most part. The idea was it was supposed to be a bit work and rough, since it was worn by a goblin.
      It worked out well overall. It's also probably faster then other NMM techniques. Glazes also help hide the transitions. The scratches also helps hide transitions. Still took a long time. This guy took a full day and a half just to do the armour.
      The skin tone was inspired the art of Paul Bonner, who paint goblin skin with desaturated purples and pinks. Not sure if I fully achieved the effect, but it looks good.
      Really happy with it overall. The NMM is so bright that it takes the attention away from the sections where I haven't put in as much effort, like the leather and the axe handle. Might some back to it, but still got hundreds more minis from Bones 4 to go so he's going on the finished shelf for now.
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      We are going to visit my BILs home next week so I wanted to make something to thank them.  Fortunately his wife adores penguins so an idea was born.  
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      On a side note, the bonsium in bones 4 is much harder to cut and I am afraid I made a rather large offering to the blood god of miniatures. Fortunately I didn't nick any of the working bits.  Unfortunately it was close and I am going to feel it in the morning.   
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      I’m so pleased. The grey beards have been a joy to paint so far. 

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