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**Official Ride share thread**


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2 hours ago, leolson79 said:

As long as y'all don't mind getting cozy with me, that works.  I was planning on bringing a few board/card games on the trip, so I'll make sure they end up in my carry-on instead of my suitcase, so we'll have a way to kill some time at the airport.  And I'll definitely take you up on the return ride as well.  Thank you!!

I think we'll all fit and it's not THAT long of a drive. The trunk will probably require some clever arranging.

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On 8/19/2019 at 4:52 PM, Cranky Dog said:

I noticed that @klarg1 and @pcktlnt haven't mentioned their departure date/times in the Google Docs link.


Inquiring minds want to know (and maybe split a fair).


I think my flight leaves DFW at 10:30 Monday morning.


I’d be happy to share a ride, if somebody has a similar schedule.

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On 8/19/2019 at 1:55 PM, SirLarpsAlot said:

Just noticed my arrival and departure times in the doc were listed in AM when they should be in PM. Arriving at 4:05 AM seems abusive.


If you want a ride and you're willing to wait a couple of hours, let me know.  


I should probably also add myself to the Google doc.  Will try to do that when I'm not on my phone.  

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